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Logistics & Fleet Analytics Dashboards

Driver-wise Fleet-wise Sep Oct Nov $0 $50k $100k $150k $200k + Top Earn value Month Week Day Year $0 $2K $4K $6K $8K $10K 12:00AM 04:00AM 08:00AM 12:00PM 04:00PM 08:00PM 12:00PM Daily Values On move Stopped Maintenance Month Week Year Overall Fleet Status 9-Jan 12-Jan 15-Jan 18-Jan 21-Jan 27-Jan 2-Feb 5-Feb 8-Feb 11-Feb 14-Feb 20k 0 40k 60k 80k 100k KATO Chicago Seattle Month Week Day Year 9-Jan 12-Jan 15-Jan 18-Jan 21-Jan 27-Jan 2-Feb 5-Feb 8-Feb 11-Feb 14-Feb $20k $0 $40k $60K $80k $100K Profit by Country

Integrate disparate systems and analyze data to strategize operations with our Logistics & Supply chain Business intelligence solution

Business intelligence solution
  • integration


    Integration of disparate IT systems such as CMS, ERP, WMS, Sql Database and collaboration across those systems

  • define key areas

    Define Key Areas

    Understanding the key areas of logistics for which data collection and analysis are required to achieve the broader logistics and supply chain objectives

  • evaluation


    Meaningful evaluation of logistics operational efficiency through an understanding of the functional metrics

Analyze Daily Revenue

Track your revenue Weekly, monthly and yearly.

Predict dataset’s future trends of revenue by analyzing the past trends.

$2000k+ $150K $100K $0 $50K Yearly Summary Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 $ 468.96 Expenses $ 193,526 Profit $ 233,356 Invoiced Month Week Day Revenue 12AM 04AM 08AM 12PM 04PM 08PM 12AM $894.39

Analyze your total sales and expenses in the single window.

Analyze your total expenses take insights what you need to stop/start.

Profit by Country Chicago San Francisco Seattle Month Week Day Year Jan Feb Mar Aprl May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 20 0 40 60 $80 $100+
Month Year Week On move Stopped Maintenance Jan 0 200 400 600 800 1000 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Mar 2019 180 Jun 2019 520
Track Pickup & Delivery
Month Year Week 12AM 04AM 08AM 08PM 12PM 12AM 04PM Fleet ideal time Month wise Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan

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