Business Intelligence and Analytics Software

360° Overview of your Business with self-service analytics and advance data visualization tool that lets you
easily transform big data from disparate sources into visual BI reports

End-to-End BI Solution

A software that will let you reach real insights from your data, today.

Fully Interactive Reports and KPI Dashboards

Turn your business into a data-driven enterprise with interactive business intelligence dashboards that update automatically. All Kato visual reports and dynamic dashboards feed from real-time data, allowing everyone in your organization to analyze the same numbers, rely on a single source of truth, and put the right information at your fingertips in a flash.

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Connect to Any Database or Data Warehouse

Connect directly to any source of data like MongoDB, Hadoop, MySQL, and many others to streamline visual reporting. Kato business intelligence solution enables you by using simple SQL queries to see all your data in one place, and find correlations between complex datasets to find new patterns and insights.

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Easy to Use, Even for Non-Techies

Kato’s Business Intelligence Software allows every user to perform data analysis easily with interactive data visualization tool. No hard coding, phone calls to your DBA or PhD required. Just instant insights for smarter data-driven decisions for every department. The result is a BI dashboard solution with advance analytics that gives answers to the people who actually need them.

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Play with dashboards right from your mobile

Your content needs to perform at any size, on any device. Our simple, yet powerful tool helps you design, customize, and publish optimized dashboards for desktop, tablet, and phone. Check a dashboard on the fly, filter and receive real-time data with intelligent business analytics app.

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Forecast with Advance Analytics

BI solution that goes beyond visual reports and dashboards. From historical data analysis to predictive analytics, your company can learn from it’s past and forecast into the future. Make your point with trend analyses, regressions, and correlations for true statistical understanding.

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Visualize your data with Pre-built dashboards

Choose from dozens of predesigned data visualization widgets, get recommendations on the best ways to view your data, even submit your own open source designs. It’s the ideal place for getting a proof-of-concept dashboard quickly. Unleash your inner data with Kato’s personalized BI dashboards and robust analytical capabilities.

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Anomaly Detection - Let machine do the work

Something wonky with your data? Kato uses machine learning to automatically detect and alert you to any data anomalies instantly. Machine learning algorithms run continuously in the background to detect anomalies and variations in your business proactively alerting you so you can take immediate action.

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  • Connect

    Loop & prepare your data

  • Analyze

    Get the answers in real-time

  • Impact

    Implement actionable insights

  • Control

    Securely manage users & data

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