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Kato Business Intelligence Platform


Kato provides tailored analytics specific to client business however it leverages our pre-built IP to provide a turnaround time of 2 weeks.

Predictive Analytics

Master the art of forecasting with our machine learning which analyses past trends to predict metrics for the future.

Geo Analytics

Make your operations more efficient by using route optimization, timestamping, geo-stamping, spatial maps for demand and supply. Plan your resources better and make them more productive.

Dynamic Pricing

Use our signature pricing algorithm which takes into account demand, supply, capacity, concurrent orders and day/time of the week to make it market responsive.

Funnel Analysis

Calculate ROI from user level tracking. Find out where do your leads fall out before turning into customers.

Cohort Analysis

Identify consumer behaviour by measuring business KPIs based on user segments. Measure and predict their lifetime value.

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