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JungleWorks introduces Maps!

By Yukta Singh 24th October 2018

In July 2018 Google Maps made a significant change in the pricing of its APIs. All APIs work like before but they are now divided into 3 categories: Routes, Places, and Maps. Google now provides a $200 worth of free monthly usage which can get you up to 25,000 hits per month. Compared to the previous pricing, that is a very harsh and severe move because then you had about 28,000 free hits per day! The 1,400% price hike is Google capitalizing on its near monopoly of maps in the market. This move has been devastating for thousands of small businesses that use Maps Api for their basic functionality. It’s time for something new!

At Jungleworks, we have always strived to give what is expected and even more. Jungleworks has already laid the foundation in Delivery Management, Field and Team Communication, Online Marketplaces, Analytics and much more. We are so proud to announce our new product JungleMaps, which will be a new business area and an area of growth and exploration for Jungleworks.

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.”  – Li Keqiang

The vision behind introducing JungleMaps is basically the wide range of use-cases that maps would cover. Maps are extensively required in many existing use cases like IoT, fleet & logistics and on-demand (which Jungleworks already works on). But many new use-cases like smart cities, geospatial data analytics and Augmented Reality are also empowered by maps which makes it a rapidly growing and interesting market which that will keep on growing significantly over the next couple of years.

Once fully developed, JungleMaps will provide a bunch of services like Searching, Navigation, GeoCoding, Reverse Geocoding, and Routing between multiple points. Apart from this, it will also release its own APIs for integration purpose with minimum pricing. JungleMaps will be working in collaboration with OSM (Open Street Maps) which has the largest open source map database.

New technologies are developing every day that demand location technologies and we knew we wanted to build something that would serve them good. It is important for us to listen to our developer community on the challenges they’re facing and how we can best help them in building the next generation of applications. The challenges and heavy burden developers/businesses face in getting access to reliable map tiles at little to no cost are immense, we knew we had to do something about this.

Keep yourself updated about the latest developments in JungleMaps. Visit JungleMaps here.

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