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Have you ever wondered how billion dollar companies work? What is their exact business model and what makes them generate tons of revenue? If you aspire to make it as big as Uber or Airbnb, you have a lot to learn on this page.

We, here at Juggernaut have dissected the business models of well-known companies for you to know what powers their growth. From food tech startups like Instacart and Munchery to startups that made big in the transport space like Uber, we have compiled the business models of many successful ventures.

Start your journey! Find a startup in your niche or just read about the tried and tested growth strategies applied by the most successful companies around the world.

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How Instacart Works: Comprehensive Business & Revenue Model

What is Instacart? Founders, Funding received, Facts and Timeline Salient Features of Instacart Value Proposition Instacart’s 3 Customer Segments Explained Instacart Business Model Canvas How Instacart finds customers [...]

How Munchery Works: Comprehensive Business and Revenue Model

What is Munchery? Munchery is an on demand food delivery platform delivering cooked meals to customers at their doorstep in major cities of USA. Having a unique business [...]

How TaskRabbit Works: Insights into Business & Revenue Model

What is TaskRabbit? TaskRabbit is a two-sided marketplace that connects ‘TaskPosters,’ people who need help, with ‘TaskRabbits,’ a network of pre-approved and background checked individuals, who have the [...]

How Washio Works: Business & Revenue Model Explained

What is Washio? Washio is an on-demand laundry platform facilitating doorstep pick-up and delivery of clothes in major cities of USA. The business model of Washio boosts of [...]

How Postmates Works: Business Model and Revenue Sources Explained

What is Postmates? Postmates is an on-demand goods delivery platform having a presence in more than 100 metropolitan areas in the USA that enables people to get anything [...]