Get Angels Now

Providing Massages on Demand to help you feel divine again

Get Angels Now is an on-demand massaging services platform bringing together apps for customers and therapists. On one side it allows freelance masseurs and business service providers list their massaging services by creating a business profile that includes services and price information. It also allows them to receive booking requests and manage them. On the other side, the customer app helps customers to locate, review, request and ultimately book massage appointments either at their preferred location or at a massage service provider’s shop.

  • For companies managing several therapists it was important to keep track of their calendars, appointments, etc. and stay connected with them.
  • Allocation of booking to the therapists based on their skills and ratings was an important criterion
  • Automatic allocation of the customers requests had to be taken care of in certain cases, as people who had their favourites over the time would rather wait until their favourite therapist was available, than being placed automatically to somebody else.
  • IMonitoring panel and real life chat: TA monitoring panel was integrated into the backend of Get Angels Now application. This panel enabled a business owner to keep a track of their therapists, their calendars, schedules - all in a map based environment. The app also offered real time chat options for businesses to interact with their therapists.
  • Choice based on reviews: Get Angels Now made it possible to match the bookings with individuals based on their skills rather than dropping orders to business providers. Customer got an opportunity to view therapist profiles with qualifications and reviews, compare services and prices easily prior to making a decision.
  • Simple booking of a favorite therapist:Juggernaut’s intelligent algorithms allowed not only letting a customer choose a convenient time and place but also a favourite therapist.
  • Enrollment of new therapists with the help of customersn order to extend service proposition, almost 1500 massage business were added to the app’s database from a city’s Yellow Pages. Green pins on the map denoted full profiles of people who have signed up on Get Angels Now as providers, while Grey ones denoted partial profiles from the Yellow Page listing. At the time of booking, if a customer opted for a provider from Yellow Pages, an inquiry would be sent to that provider with a login id and a password for the app prompting him to signup as a provider in order to respond to the query.
  • Ease of arranging a massage session coupled with confidence in quality of a therapist made the user base soar in span of a few months
  • Using yellow pages contacts helped to expanded the provider database to a significant volume in a very short time
  • Quick integration of masseurs into the app accelerated expansion to new cities