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On-Demand Economy

This resources will help you to explore the different aspects of an on-demand business in depth and understand the working of business models when they are represented on a mobile platform. This list include a case study of one of our most successful clients and the business verticals that have truly disrupted the traditional ways of creating value by adapting an on -demand model armed with technology and innovation.

Ebook: Powering the On Demand Economy

(Ebook download link at the bottom) Today’s competitive business landscape can only brook so much in terms of trial and error. We know the reason why everything is calculated, planned and sketched out when it comes to big business decisions. This goes double for the on-demand economy. This [...]

Ebook: Models for an ‘On Demand Business’

(Ebook download link at the bottom) About three years ago, no one had ever heard of Uber. Today, if there’s still someone who hasn’t heard of Uber or doesn’t know what the on-demand economy is, they must be living in a cocoon, some thousand light years away. In [...]

Ebook: Sharing Economy

We started exploring the idea of sharing economy, a year back, and when we look back, we see people giving them definitions closer to their understanding of how this revolution has touched their lives in more than one ways. In this context, it’d be appropriate to quote Rachel [...]

Case Study – Get Angels Now

If you’ve ever sighed looking at the coffee table wishing it could turn into a massage table at the snap of fingers, you were quite close to what modern technology has in store for you today. While traditionally massage is seen as something that needs foreplanning, appointments, and [...]

Case Study – The Bite Kite Recipe

Unless you’re ordering a pizza, you’ll be strapped to find any food delivered to you under 30 minutes. Traditional food delivery has never had a reputation for speed or efficiency; unfortunately, however, an ever-busy consumer market has no time time to wait. That’s why the Juggernaut team was [...]

Ebook: Analysing the Mobile Beauty Industry

Tap an App and summon your own staff – sounds revolutionary right. On Demand and instant gratification economy that we live in today is demanding just that. While sometime ago this was a sole prerogative of the wealthy, many concurrent developments are democratizing services and enabling entrepreneurs to [...]