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Is Hyperlocal The Future Of E-Commerce?

By Kruthika Vadhera 13th July 2021

We all know that Hyperlocal is an upcoming and significant sector in the E-commerce industry with all the buzz around it since it started. 

But why is the Hyperlocal sector getting hot, and how is Hyperlocal going to pan out in the time to come?

Let’s see what JungleWorks CEO Mr Samar Singla has to say about it.

Here are some key highlights of the webinar:-

  1. Upcoming demand of hyperlocal businesses.
  2. Concerns of brands regarding the source of their customers.
  3. What is the hyperlocal business model, and why opt for it?
  4. Why are hyperlocal deliveries the need of the hour for businesses?
  5. What are the changes in the Yelo platform?
  6. How is Yelo focusing on bringing more use cases to the customers?

Questions addressed in the blog.

Do brands own their customers?

Every brand is asking themselves, is this customer a purchaser of my brand? Or is it a customer of the platform I am selling on? 

All small entrepreneurs are usually listed on a significant selling portal. The portals allow their products to get a tremendous amount of visibility, a vast number of potential customers, etc. But like most extraordinary things, this comes with a flip side. 

Big brands usually have their own set of products which they are selling as well. So while these platforms provide visibility, they also leave these brands vulnerable to compete with their products.

What is Hyperlocal, and why choose hyperlocal?

The whole world is moving towards a decentralized system. All organizations are beginning to understand that there is no need to bring all inventory to a centralized location.

Most of the items today are available locally, and they don’t need to be delivered from a far off location.

This is where Hyperlocal comes into play, enabling local brands to service local customers very quickly. 

This reveals the essence behind the whole instant delivery business model. We see the emergence of brands like Fridgenomore, providing 15-minute delivery. These concepts are changing the entire dynamic of consumable delivery.

After the COVID-19 Pandemic, the normal is to get groceries delivered home rather than going out to grocery stores. There is a greater emphasis on things like contactless deliveries. These things have shown a switch in the customers’ preferences, which is not just for a short period but rather long-lasting.

Many stores like Mom and Pop stores or local retailers need to capture and serve their local market. They have to have their own set of customers, build towards their loyalty, and ultimately build a relationship with them. To truly accomplish this, they need to sell Direct To Customer (D2C).

How is JungleWorks helping small businesses and entrepreneurs in achieving this transition?

A vital aspect of any business is to be flexible and dynamic as per the changing needs of their customers. In today’s day and age, a significant focus of any business is to satisfy the needs of their customers.

JungleWorks, as an organization, through its product Yelo, is majorly focusing on different Marketplace use cases in an attempt to empower as many entrepreneurs and businesses as we can to leap hyperlocal deliveries. 

With an existence in the D2C market, we are looking to dive deeper to create more pathways for our customers.

There is a conscious effort to cover as many different use cases as possible to work towards our mission of helping entrepreneurs in their journey to the top. 

Through the platform already in existence, Yelo provides a medium to stores to take their shop online by enabling them to create a front end store to display their products and services, supported by the back end software already in place.


Brands today want to have their own set of loyal customers and not the platform through which they are selling. “Quality and quickly” are the two aspects that have the most significance. 

There is an increased demand from the customers on getting products to their door as soon as they can in the current business dynamic. The Hyperlocal sector has risen from this demand.

JungleWorks has created their platform Yelo, which helps take Brick and Mortar stores online and adapt to this shift.
In case you missed the webinar, you can catch it here!

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