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How to Set up a Conversational AI for your E-Commerce Business with Chatbots?

By Tannu Sharma 16th June 2020

Artificial Intelligence has transformed the world of business. Our interactions with technology have evolved over the last few years, marking a huge leap for mankind. AI has been adopted as a tool to enhance businesses all over the world. Fields such as medicine, industrial work, IT, and e-commerce, have redefined their workforce with the use of AI. 

Let’s focus on how e-commerce has infused AI into their platforms by using chatbots

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence systems designed to interact with people through text messages or a voice interface. These interactions can be as simple as asking a bot what the time is or file a complaint with customer care. The use of chatbots has made the availability of information and problem-solving a lot easier and much faster than before. 

Types of Chatbots

Depending on the type of company, different types of business chatbots can be developed to cater to different needs. 

  1. Support Chatbots: Having applications in various industries, support chatbots help customers solve a specific problem and have the ability to navigate through a wide range of FAQs. Given the right contextual awareness, they can be used as a customer service tool.
  2. Skill Chatbots: Equipped with NLP features, skill chatbots can perform specific functions. They are quick to respond and follow the command of the customer. For example, asking Alexa to play a particular song. 
  3. Assistant Chatbots: Built to have conversations with customers, assistant bots are also able to answer FAQs. Other than providing information, these bots are also designed to be able to have informal conversations, much like a real assistant. Assistant bots are now being integrated with many other platforms such as food delivery, payment gateways, and other similar sites. 
  4. Transactional Bots: Transactional bots very simply help users carry out various transactions from food delivery and making a reservation, to payment of bills. Acting as a link between external and internal sources, they help speed up the process of various transactions. 
  5. Informational Bots: The primary task of informational bots is to extract and distribute information. These chatbots act as research assistants by gathering information from a human or an online source. Any industry involving research-based tasks can thrive on the use of informational bots.

How to Set up a Conversational AI for your E-Commerce Business with Chatbots? Hippo

Why Your E-Commerce Business Could Benefit From Chatbots

Chatbot software has existed for decades, it is only recently that businesses are beginning to exploit the benefits of a chatbot. 

Having a chatbot can boost your conversation rates thereby allowing room for more traffic. You can save resources, time, and energy by adopting chatbot software to handle basic and mundane analytic tasks. Building a chatbot can help add to the image and brand of your company. You can also save money by investing in chatbots instead of having to spend additional amounts on workers. The risk of errors also reduces with the use of AI. Additionally, you can program your chatbot to have a pleasant attitude towards customers at all times which will lead to more happy customers. 

How to Set Up AI-Powered Chatbots

There are ample resources to help you set up an AI-powered business chatbot. Here are some things you need to consider.

  1.  Figure out what purpose your chatbot is going to serve. Problem solving and information giving are the main functions of a chatbot. This will help you program and design it more efficiently. Setting goals is the first step towards building an effective chatbot software.
  2. Design a conversation that represents your brand image. The chatbot is most likely going to be the first interaction customers have with your company. A pleasant and helpful conversation can help retain customers and bring in new ones.
  3. Find the right platform to set up your chatbot. For instance, Hippo, powered by Jungleworks, is a platform that can help you do just this. You can move deals quickly using a customized live chat and bot software, add welcome messages, assist customers quick and easy, send broadcast messages and so much more. Flow XO, Chatfuel, and Botsify are other such platforms that you can check out. 

You may reach out to us and we can help you set up Hippo, an industry-leading chatbot with your business free of cost in less than a week.


AI is no longer a thing of the future. It is the new normal. Get on board and set up your own AI chatbot to help take your business to the next level. If you are looking for a quick solution, reach to us.

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