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Selling your beauty products online? Make sure your ordering platform has this. 

By Abhishek Goel 19th July 2022

Building a beauty products business is similar to an ideal skincare routine. Both take patience, commitment, and much trial and error. We’ve compiled a recipe for launching an online beauty business that will boost your business to a solid ten out of ten.

It is important for all businesses to acknowledge customer experience as an important metric. Consequently, creating an easy ordering process for your customers is essential. In essence, your business would be represented by the ordering app.

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Choose a beauty product line & create a brand concept

Before choosing an e-commerce business model, you should create a future brand concept and identify a product line. 

Choosing an e-commerce niche is crucial when launching a cosmetics line. For example, men’s makeup is in high demand, and organic makeup brands remain popular. By taking into account the characteristics of your products, including the ingredients you use, the target audience you cater to, and what your brand stands for, you will be able to stand out from the competition.

Start by finding a niche, researching what makeup products are in demand, and even asking yourself why you want to start a cosmetic line. How deeply do you care about animal rights? Have you had trouble finding a foundation that matches your unique skin tone? 

Select an online store business model

The second step to consider while launching your online beauty products business is to finalize a business model to operate on. You get the following options:

Dropshipping model

Businesses in this model sell products online without stocking inventory. The shopper places an order at the checkout, and the seller forwards it to the supplier, who then forwards it to the end customer. This model eliminates the need for a warehouse and complex logistics, making it ideal for small businesses. The margin between the prices of purchasing products from the supplier and selling to the client determines revenue. 

White-label model

Products are manufactured by one company without labeling and then sold to numerous resellers under the white label business model. A white-label manufacturer, for example, might sell shampoo to seven different retailers. Each retailer can brand the shampoo, customize the packaging in their own branded containers, and sell it to customers. The white-label model is an excellent choice for quickly moving from an idea to a finished product.

Manufacturing model

Your products are manufactured exclusively under this model, and you have the legal right to sell them under your brand name. Finding reliable manufacturers with whom to collaborate can be difficult.

Warehousing or wholesaling model

This model entails purchasing a product, storing it in a warehouse, and selling it through your online store. This is the most difficult model to enter because you must invest in warehouse space and inventory management tools. You can, however, monitor the product quality, compliance, and shipping process.

Importance of having an online ordering system

More customers

If your product catalog and payment system are simple, your regular customers will recommend you to their friends and share your information on social media. Simply by providing a seamless customer experience that sends orders to your back-end team in real-time, you can increase your customers and profits.

Increased customer loyalty

Customers will prefer your beauty store over a competitor’s if you give them a reason to return. Great products may be the reason for their loyalty, but you can also encourage it with a reward program on your beauty ordering app.

A personalized digital experience, according to a recent study, is also a good way to encourage customers to return. Out of 1000 customers polled, 50% said they would switch brands if they had a bad online experience, while 73% expected online personalization.

Highly customizable

Menu apps are highly customizable, allowing you to easily promote your company’s logo, brand colors, or other distinguishing features. Furthermore, if you want to delete or add a menu item, all you have to do is log in, make your changes, and you’re done!

Less room for errors

Customers benefit from online ordering because it ensures accurate pricing and leaves less room for error when it comes time to settle the bill.

Because customers must physically select an item from the product catalog with a corresponding price, the correct amount is always paid. This has some advantages for your

company. There is less chance of incorrect charging, less time spent resolving errors, and fewer free products distributed to appease customers.

Here are other 8 reasons why you need an online ordering system for your business.

A checklist you need to follow while selecting an online ordering system for your beauty business

User-friendly UI

The user interface is critical to online customers. Any online ordering app’s user interface (UI) should include guidance and contribute to the creation of a clear, appealing web presence that guides the customer through your entire inventory click-by-click. Because simplicity is essential, make sure your website works just as well on a tiny smartphone screen as it does on a massive PC.

Easy and smooth setup

Beauty businesses can use an online ordering system to display a current menu and delete out-of-stock items as they sell out. As a result, the user is constantly seeing a live menu. Instead of a user calling and asking specific questions about allergies or skin type etc, all of this information could be displayed on the ordering dashboard for each menu item. With a few clicks, the consumer can add any menu item to their cart/bag.

Seamless integrations

Each beauty business is unique and serves a unique menu. Furthermore, each business has unique colors, themes, images, and font styles that complement their makeup line or cosmetics product range and even their website.

So, the first and most important tip to consider when selecting an online ordering system for your online beauty products business is whether the system allows you to have integrations like payment gateways and other third-party solutions for a better customer experience.

Catalog & inventory management

For an online beauty products business, it becomes important to have an updated catalog to present to their customers. The online ordering system must allow you to manage your catalog and display it in a detailed way with product images and videos. 

On the other hand, the online ordering system shall also allow you to keep a track of the stock inventory and update the product status timely for the users. 

beauty products business

Reports and analytics

Another feature to add to the checklist is to have detailed analytics for the whole operations of the business. From inventory to sales to customer preferences, the online ordering system should be capable of highlighting and producing detailed reports of various touchpoints. 

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Introducing Yelo

A saas platform for online ordering and delivery, Yelo is perfect for every type of business. Provide your customers with a seamless ordering experience, multilingual support, and technology that powers your business with powerful integrations. 

Additionally, Yelo is equipped with a feature-rich platform that offers 80+ payment gateways and seamless integrations. Visit Yelo to learn more. 

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