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How to Create an Online Lawyer Consultation Platform: Everything You Need to Know

By Zeba Yasmeen 20th August 2021

Those days are long past when people used to browse through directories to get in touch with lawyers. Today, technology and automation are taking over traditional practices and everything is available at the fingertips. And when technology is transforming business, why should legal services & legal consultants be left behind? Let’s understand how to create your own online lawyer consultation platform and how you can benefit from it.

Online Lawyer Consultation

Almost all businesses have been affected by the digital revolution. Clients are going digital, whether is it about shopping online or getting online consultations. People are relying on the virtual mode of communication. And legal services, of course, are no exception. And now is the time to switch your conventional law practice to the online lawyer consultation business.

But before getting into the how’s of the subject, let’s understand why lawyers should go online with their practice or to simply put, how are you going to benefit from an online legal consultation platform.

5 Major Benefits of Having an Online Lawyer Consultation Software

1. It is a growing market that’s worth exploring

If we look into numbers, the market size for online legal services was valued at 8.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Research conducted by the Statista Research Department states that this figure will keep growing in the coming years. And the days are not far when each one of us will be searching for a solution to legal issues on Google.

2. Online presence means more clients

When you have your own online legal consultation software, you can work remotely from anywhere. Being able to work from anywhere makes you more available to your clients. As a result, your lawyer consultation business becomes more efficient. This results in more phone calls to your office and the final outcome are – higher conversion rates. According to Google’s Legal Services Study, 74% of people that visit online legal consultants, are willing to take some action.

3. It gives you credibility

One of the biggest components for your website’s success is determining the need of your target audience. Once that is done, designing your website and content to match the need of your target audience will get much easier. This gives you credibility and a gained trust of your clients.

4. More return on your investment

The competition will always be strong in the space of online legal consultation, but a commitment can help you get ahead of your competitors without breaking the bank. When compared to the traditional law practices, your online presence gives you a high return on your investment. As you will be one step ahead because you will be more accessible to your clients.  Know why online legal consulting might be one of the best marketplace ideas.

5. Flexibility 

Online legal consultants aren’t bound by the traditional nine-to-five operating hours, which allows them to work with flexibility. Furthermore, your online legal consultation software makes it easier for clients to work with you. With your lawyer consultation app, you will be able to do all of the things you normally do in person, but in a more convenient way.

Now, let’s come to the most awaited question – How to start your own lawyer consultation marketplace?

Online Lawyer Consultation

There are numerous answers to this question when one Googles it. But if we sum it all up, we will find that there are 3 major ways that help you set up the base for your online lawyer consultation app.

3 Key Ways to Get Started With Your Lawyer Consultation App

1. Research

Before getting started with your online legal consultation, you need to look at a few important aspects. Which are –

  • Know your competitors 
  • Their customers 
  • What is it about them that their customer like, and 
  • How you can plan a better version of your competitors platform

An excellent way to gather information is by preparing a list of your top competitors and by visiting their lawyer app. This will give you a good outlook on what works and what doesn’t. Moreover, it will give you a detailed idea of your target audience. And once you know your customer base, you will have a strong roadmap for your online lawyer consultation platform.

2. Set up a business plan

To provide the best online legal services, you must begin with a clear business strategy. Let’s say, you want to create or grow your existing law consultant business plan. And to set measurable goals, you will need a platform from where you can reach out to your target audience conveniently. In addition, establishing prices for your lawyer on demand app will play a crucial part when you expect revenue from the business.

3. Set up your platform

Once you have a clear roadmap of your business plan, it is time for your online legal consultation software to come to life. Meaning, it is time to choose from the top online platforms that will help you to set up your on demand lawyer app. 

While choosing a platform, it is important to consider all the above points that we discussed and understand what features you will be needing for your legal consultant app. 

Online Lawyer Consultation

Here’s How Panther Can Help

Panther is an online consultation marketplace creator that enables you to set up your online business lawyer software without any coding. Panther’s online lawyer consultation software lets you manage payments and communicate securely within the platform. Additionally, it offers you an analytics tool that can help you grow your business. Visit Panther and get started with your online lawyer consultation platform today!

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