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How Practo Works: Insights about Business Model, Logistics & Revenue

During such troubling and unpredictable times, when the world is plagued by the Coronavirus, forcing us to stay indoors to help contain the virus. But even during such worrisome times, we still need the essential services of doctors and other medical faculties.  These services are hard to come by in metropolitan cities, it is very hard to imagine how rural and remote areas must be coping and a quick search will show you that 70% of doctors and specialists reside in the urban areas and there is a big gaping hole in the medical services for the rural areas. If there was ever a right time to develop a doctor consultation app – similar to the  Practo app, it would be now. 



During a troubled time like a raging pandemic, developing a Practo clone app would help in connecting people who don’t have the privilege to visit doctors to the right kind of medical help they require. Patients will be able to have a personal channel to communicate with doctors and have a one on one virtual consultation with them while avoiding the risk of going out and risking being infected. With telecommunications reaching the most remote of places, people living in rural and remote areas would greatly benefit from the consultation app. 


Consumers will be able to get the right kind of medical support they need from a network of doctors and other specialists. They can connect with at their convenience for an instant online consultation and save unnecessary time and money that would be spent on physical traveling.


Creating a Practo app for doctors and other medical specialists can help them widen their horizons to reach more people and help them in the time of need. They can hold online consultations and offer follow-up consultations through an easy-to-use mobile app and can help save more lives. 


The healthcare industry is one of the most profitable industries during the pandemic lockdown. The global market size for the online healthcare system is projected to reach USD 270.3 billion by 2021 showing a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 23.6% in the estimated prediction. Besides treating people and providing them with an essential service, it is good business acumen to develop a healthcare app during these times. 


Developing and creating an app with a Practo clone script gets easier by the day owing to the better developments of mobile app technologies. To begin with, you will need an end-to-end tech suite to set up your healthcare app and a dedicated team to help run this app smoothly. 

An admin dashboard that will help the manager maintain the listings of doctors, medical specialists, and patients with ease and have access to insights and analytics reports to make data-driven decisions to boost business and help reach a wider audience. 

A mobile app for the customer that is easy to use and navigate through, provides them with an advanced search to help them get the right kind of medical help they will need. An app that provides the customer access to scheduling appointments, and hold real-time video and audio calls with doctors and preferred medical specialists. 

A feature-rich app that can add and update all the details of the medical experts, availability for appointments, and their pricing. Push notifications, SMS, and Emails are sent to the customer database with a click of the button and a seamless payment gateway that can be done instantly without a lot of hassle. 


Other providing you with the state-of-the-art technology that will help cover all the aforementioned healthcare app strategies. With Jungleworks’ Panther, you can set up your app in a few minutes and get started immediately, there is no need for a pre-requisite knowledge of coding or any other technical knowledge. Panther is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which essentially protects and safeguards your data. It is cost-effective and charges a low monthly subscription. Panther is compatible with multiple devices and with its seamless integrations, you can save a lot on time and resources, and with its newer and better upgrades each step of the way, you will be able to grow and boost your company with ease. 
If you are convinced to launch your healthcare app as Practo alternatives, get in touch with Jungleworks and get started right away! Visit Jungleworks website to know more!

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