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How Practo Works: Insights about Business Model, Logistics & Revenue

By Saloni Kackar 7th December 2020

These are unpredictable times because the world is plagued by Coronavirus. Certainly forcing us to stay indoors to stop the spread of the virus. Even during such worrisome times, we need the essential services of doctors and other facilities on a platform like Practo. 

It is very hard to imagine how rural and remote areas must be coping with the lack of these facilities. A study shows that 70% of doctors reside in urban areas. As a result, it creates a gap in the medical services for rural areas. If there was ever a right time to develop a doctor consultation app similar to the Practo, it would be now. 


Benefits of Developing a Doctor Consultation App Like Practo

Helping people in need

During a troubled time like a raging pandemic, developing a Practo clone would help people who don’t have access to doctors. Everyone can then get the right medical help they need from the best experts.

Patients will have a personal channel to communicate with doctors. And they can have one on one consultation with them. By such means, one can avoid infection. With telecommunications reaching the most remote places, people living in rural areas would greatly benefit from the consultation app. 

Offering a one stop solution for your Practo App

Consumers will be able to get the right kind of medical support they need from a network of doctors and other specialists. They can connect for an instant online consultation, save time and money that would be spent on physical traveling.

A Wider Reach

Creating a Practo app for doctors and specialists can help them reach more people to help in the time of need. Experts can hold online consultations and offer follow-up consultations through a mobile app to help save more lives. 

Good Business Opportunities

The healthcare industry is one of the most profitable industries during the pandemic lockdown. The global market size for online healthcare will reach USD 270.3 billion by 2021 showing a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 23.6%. Besides treating people and providing them with an essential service, it is good business acumen to develop a healthcare app during these times. 

How to Create a Healthcare App Like Practo

Developing an app for medical consultation gets easier day by day owing to the better development of mobile apps. To begin with, you need a tech suite to set up your healthcare app and a dedicated team of experts.

Admin Dashboard

An admin dashboard that will help maintain listings of doctors, medical specialists, and patients with ease. Admins can have access to insights and reports to make data-driven decisions to boost business and help reach a wider audience. 

Customer App

A mobile app for the customer that is easy to use & navigate through. An advanced search feature to help them get the right kind of medical help they will need. An app that provides the customer the access to schedule appointments, hold real-time video/audio calls with doctors/experts.

Expert App

A feature-rich app that can add/update all the details of the medical experts, their availability, and pricing. Push notifications, SMS, and Emails are sent to the customer database with a click of the button. A seamless payment gateway to initiate payments instantly without a lot of hassle. 


How Can Jungleworks Help You Structure Your Practo App? 

With the state of the art technology, you will cover the above-mentioned healthcare app strategies. With Jungleworks’ Panther, you can set up your app in a few minutes and get started immediately. There is no need for a pre-requisite knowledge of coding or any other technical knowledge.

Panther is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation which essentially protects, safeguards your data and is cost-effective. Panther is compatible with multiple devices. With its seamless integrations, you can save a lot on time and resources. Newer upgrades help you grow and boost your consultation business with ease. 

Just in case, that you are persuaded to dispatch your medical care application like Practo, move the right way! Visit our website to know more.

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