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How on demand home services are making lives less stressful

By Sahil Sankhla 19th April 2018

Hectic work lives and the breaking of household gender stereotypes gave rise to on-demand home services which, now, has become a huge profit churning industry in itself. It grew with the ever-increasing demand for all types of home services ranging from getting your house cleaned to health and fitness merely at the touch of your mobile phone screen.

On demand home services infographic

Work-Life Imbalance

With so much on the plate regarding maintaining a career and carrying out household responsibilities, lives have become super stressful leading to a wobbly imbalance between work and other duties. 44% of the workforce in the US is suffering from stress and anxiety because of this imbalance which is why on demand home services have come to the rescue and in no time have become a lucrative business to start with irrespective of your knowledge about this field.

Major Services

1. Home Cleaning

This is one of the most sought after home service which involves bedroom, living room, and kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning along with sanitization, and many other cleaning services.

2. Car Service

A plethora of car-related services like car repair, servicing, insurance, cleaning and care, etc. are provided as a part of on demand car service.

3. Babysitting

Babysitting and nanny services have always been very popular and, now, new business models have come out with cab-like services such as “nanny share” where multiple families share a nanny for childcare.

4. Plumbing Services

Services like drain cleaning, leaking or frozen pipes, sewer line repair, and other plumbing repairs are required every now and then in all households.

5. Pet home Services

Owners are always worried about leaving their pets at home while they are at work. However, pet home services like walking, pet sitting, pet training and vet services have given them the freedom to go for work stress-free.

Apart from the above mentioned on demand home services, lawn maintenance, pool service, home renovation and decoration, carpet cleaning, beauty and massage, mini blind cleaning, window washing, and mobile car-wash services can also be ventured into.

Where to go

Handy, Hello Alfred, Helpling, YourMechanic, and Zaarly are the on demand home services sector giants who have integrated the latest technology into their business model to provide the highest quality of home services according to your convenience.

Other vendors include Airtasker, AskForTask, CLEANLY, Laurel & Wolf, MyClean, Paintzen, SERVIZ, ServiceWhale, Taskbob, and TaskEasy.

How Tookan can help

Tookan has been successfully delivering effective solutions to the on demand industry ranging from development of business apps to providing fully-fledged maintenance support keeping in sync with the latest trends.

If you are in the on demand home services business or planning to venture into it, then feel free to send us a query and our experts will get right back to you in no time.

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