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How Live Chat Software Cultivates your Revenue

By Navneet Kaur 12th April 2019

There are studies that prove that live chat software cultivates revenue for a business. These studies might vary from case to case but it proves that there is a positive impact of chat support on the revenue of a business.

Live chat software is one of the best tools that you can incorporate into your business. It will not only offer exceptional customer service to your customers but will also boost the conversion rate of your business.

There was a survey conducted by the American Marketing Association which suggested that the customer who uses chat support software are 3x more likely to buy your product or service.

Live chat software improves the conversion rate and maximizes the revenue in many ways, here’s the list of a few:

Live chat is convenient for customers: It gives the consumers immediate access to help and waiting time is much lesser then call centres. As dialling a number and getting through the IVR is an endless maze. With a live chat option, a customer can have a quick and personalized experience.

“A Data and Research on Digital for Business Professionals survey found that 63% were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. It further suggested that 68% of customers are more likely to buy from the same website.”

Live chat helps in quick problem solving: Think of a situation when you are buying something online? And you are confused about products and the features offered, “Wouldn’t that be a point where you need to ask someone then and there?” That’s a point where chat support comes in, you can just write your query and a support rep will reply to you immediately with a response. This experience will definitely impact your buying experience and chances of buying increases.

Live chat is cost-effective: When you introduce live chat software in your business you will see the increased efficiency of your agents. It will also reduce your current expenses as you don’t have to spend money on telephone bills. Custom Bost will take the first level chats which will ultimately help in filtering the qualified leads.

Agents will spend less time on calls and their efficiency will increase as they will be able to deal with multiple consumers over a single chat platform.

Live chat increase sales: There are different studies conducted by various magazines and marketing forums saying that live chat support boost sales.

For example, there is a study conducted by “emarketer.com” and they found that more than 60% of the customers will come back to a website with a chat option. Once a consumer is engaged with an agent who understands his needs, then an agent can assist the consumer with the best suite product that will convert a website visitor into a customer.

Live chat leads to personalized experience: When your agents are connected with customers over a live chat platform and create a seamless user journey, that gives them a personalized experience. This will be helpful in getting new customers onboard faster as the sales cycle reduces with the help of live chat and retaining existing clients.

Live chat gives higher satisfaction and loyal customers: The number of live chat users is increasing across the globe. Customers prefer connecting over a live chat platform than getting on the calls. The chat support platform operates 24/7 and customers have the assurance that if they face any problem, they will be addressed by someone from the support team. This makes the customer satisfied and builds customer loyalty. The churn rate will drop and there will be no impact on recurring revenue.



Chat support has turned out to be a boon for every business and now it is our responsibility to give our customers a support platform not just to boost our revenue but also give them an experience where everything is so well connected that don’t have to wait on IVR’s for getting resolutions of their queries.

So, if you are planning to have chat support software, you have to make sure that the platform you are planning to go for comes with all the technological upgrades and offers you the best interface along with easy integrations into your website. “Hippo” is one powerful live chat support platform that comes with best in class features.

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