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Host a marketplace to help people find the right talent for the right job

By Wilfred Vivek 17th January 2019

‘Monotonous, tiring and under-appreciated’ are the three words one hears from people about work. People these days want flexibility with their work timings, place of work and the type of projects they choose. With many people wanting this type of flexibility a new group of people called the ‘freelancers’ are growing in number by the day.

‘With the growing number of freelancers, an online marketplace is the platform where these freelancers can connect with the customers who have job requirements’

Online marketplaces are hot. Platforms like Airbnb, fiver, and e-bay have achieved huge success with their marketplaces. There is no better time to kick-start your marketplace and become a marketplace entrepreneur. With the idea of building a freelance marketplace, the next big question is how that can be done?. Search results for building a freelancer marketplace will not provide the best solution.

The right words to search for is the ‘Yelo Marketplace’ by jungleworks https://jungleworks.com/yelo/

The only place to create a feature-rich and completely customized marketplace is at Yelo.

Yelo provides the support to build all types of marketplaces. Be it Hyperlocal, Logistics, Rental and Freelancer or Service Marketplace.

Freelancer Customer website in Yelo

The freelance marketplace which is built on Yelo is one of the best products built so far. With completely customizable templates and easy-to-use features, this product surely stands out.

Yelo offers a free-trial for every marketplace type, giving it a try will cost you nothing. During this trial, you will be able to experiment all the features using the Dynamic Marketplace website, Adaptive Marketplace apps for both iOS and Android, Centralized Admin portal and User-friendly Merchant panel.

Dynamic Marketplace website for Customers

Customized iOS and Android apps for Customers

User-friendly Merchant panel

Centralized Admin portal

Setting up

When you sign up with Yelo, the system will prompt and assign a name to your marketplace and, this will be your site address for eg. myfirstmarketplace.yelo.red. After that you will be on the main dashboard, the system will guide you through a process of how to set up the marketplace.

Job postings

The next setup required in a freelancer marketplace creation is the ability for a customer to post job requests. Yelo-freelancer provides the admin, the ability to add all the services offered in the marketplace. The Customer can choose the particular task required from the services listed and provide details on the services from the auto-generated customized forms for his service selection. The freelancers qualified for the job requests will be notified. Once the freelancers show interest/bid for the projects, the customers can choose the best talent for the project. The customer can also access all the features from the mobile application provided to him.

Freelancer’s dashboard

Moving further, we will discuss the offerings to the freelancers who look out for projects. So the freelancers will be first verified and then added to the platform. The freelancers will then be provided with dashboard access on which they can view all the upcoming job requests which match their skills. In this dashboard, the freelancers will be able to add interest and bid on the job requests. Once accepted, a task is created.

Admin dashboard

The admin or the owner of the marketplace is provided with an Administrator dashboard. So this is like the master controller of the entire marketplace. It contains the master catalog which contains all the services offered in the marketplace. The admin can view, block or add freelancers, view all the job postings, the bids and interests received. The admin has control over all and everything in the marketplace.

For the freelancer domain, there is an added form management section from which customized forms can be created for each and every service selected by the customer. It is very easy to add services to the marketplace from the master catalog. Along with all the features, the admin is provided with a range of applications from jungleworks which would be an entire package to provide efficient marketplace management.

Jungleworks is an all-in-one suite providing mobility solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Do try it for free:

Go to https://jungleworks.com/yelo/ and explore the platform.

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