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Here’s why Fugu is now open source

Fugu open source | Jungleworks

Voila! Fugu is now open source.

It was one evening, when we at Jungleworks decided to scale our impact and give back to where our success belongs, our community. And we believe that going open-source means more ideas can be shared and implemented to bring about positive change for the community.

Fugu is now a free, open-source platform that provides teams with a web/mobile-based application for staying in touch, collaborating, organizing, and communicating internally.

The true goal of this project is to offer a tool for both team communication and client interactions. The vision is to provide a mix between Slack and ZenDesk, where teams could collaborate and also respond to customer inquiries. By making our platform open-source, we open the door for any type of integration imaginable with nothing to pay for.

When businesses want to keep their communications under wrap and prioritize security, they turn to open-source software. Fugu offers an extensive open-source platform with an active community and unlimited configurations. 

Fugu provides complete control of the software so that users are always safe. Users now have peace of mind that the company’s efforts will be matched by their own. Furthermore, Fugu offers an array of other benefits.

It offers total privacy and tools that allow for the integration of all business communication on one platform. Fugu is powerful because it gives you control of your data, and it’s unique because it is an open-source platform with our major pre-designed features like 

  • Attendance & Leave Bot, 
  • Unlimited Message History, 
  • Video Calling & Screen Sharing, 
  • Customizations Galore

By making our platform accessible to all organizations – from Educational and political parties to large businesses and NGOs – we’re reinforcing the commitment we have to our social impact mission.

So, how can you access it? Our key capabilities are now available on GitHub under the Apache License 2.0, allowing anybody to inspect, reuse, and copy our code. We hope that this will lead to new and inventive uses of our platform. Feel free to try new things and share your results; we’d love to see what you can accomplish with the code and platform, as well as how you engage your community. 

To explore our other products, visit our website Jungleworks.com

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