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Here’s How To Deal with mid-sem Coronavirus Impact On Educational Institutes

By Tannu Sharma 19th March 2020

This harsh wave of Coronavirus has made the world to get a major setback in almost every aspect of life. With the economy of the world getting weakened day by day, there is no near hope to get rid of this Coronavirus crisis. 

The progression of this epidemic is nowhere to stop in the near future and is going to make a major shift in the normalcy of lives. Looking at a wider picture, many of the businesses have shifted their operations in a way that they could deal with the current health guidelines offered by the health agencies. However, there are still many of the sectors that are struggling hard to keep their operations working with the required standard prevention practices. 

Talking about the education sector, society is facing quite tough challenges to keep it unimpacted with the outbreak of Coronavirus. 

Why It Is Tough For the Education Sector to Keep Its Operations Working?

The education sector revolves around the upcoming future of our world. Students are facing the turmoil of unexpected events that are somewhere creating trouble for them. As per the expert’s opinion, children should be advised to maintain social distancing as much as possible. This has compelled the education sector to shut down the institutes for a longer period of time. This turbulence had put a tough impact on the future of the students. This mid- sem crisis needs to be dealt with proactive actions at the earliest. If you ask about the difficulty in keeping the operations working for this sector, the following are the major challenges:

  1. It is tough to get all the students under one roof when social distancing is the only option to save this contagious spread.
  2. Children have lower immunity power and it makes more difficult to let them expose to the toxic outer world. 
  3. Students are in the middle of the semester and any prolonged miss in the classes would contribute to making their studies impacted. 
  4. Many countries still follow only offline education. Online classes are still an untouched concept for the majority of the institutes. 

So, what can be done?

Technology has been the biggest savior for many in this crisis. If used wisely, it could be used to help the budding future of your society to get their education in the right way.

Communication Platform to Shift Education Online

Have you heard about the communication platform? It is an all-purpose platform that helps in building stronger connectivity between multiple users at the same time. There is more than one benefit of these platforms that can make them a perfect choice to go for, in time of Coronavirus outbreak.

Benefits of Implementing Communication Platform

For those, who are still not confident about the perks of having a communication platform, here are a few points that you should know:

Add Unlimited Users

As per the requirements, multiple users could be connected via this communication platform. The scalability of the platform makes it the finest choice for the education sector where one needs to connect with multiple students. 

Make Customised Groups

Another benefit of picking up the communication platform is that you can make as many customized chat groups and can establish strong communication between all. 

Share the Important Notes

To make studying easier, you can share the important notes to your students seamlessly with the help of a communication platform that supports multimedia. 

Fugu: One Name, Multiple Work

You might find many of the communication platforms in the market that offers you the choice to get connected with your multiple users. But, speaking about the vulnerability and functionality of these platforms, one should choose Fugu for all the communications that need to be made in the education sector. 

Before taking up the decision, take a pause and know in detail about what makes Fugu different and special from other options available in the market. 

Get Real-time Attendance of Your Students

Before beginning the session, it is important for an educational institute to know how many students are available for the classes and at what time, they are getting connected to the classes. This could be done via an important feature of Fugu, “ Attendance bot”. It allows your students to virtually punch in and get themselves counted in the attendance. Moreover, you will get a daily report of their punch- in and punch-out time too. This will help in adding the discipline in your classes. 

Make the Conference Calls 

You might need to take multiple students in a session. But it is difficult for other communication platforms to get connected with multiple users at the same time. However, Fugu does the same for you and that too like a pro. You can add as many of the students as you wish in the conference call with the help of Fugu. 

Share the Multimedia Seamlessly

Keep your students empowered with the educational notes, videos and many more by sharing it with them through Fugu. The multimedia sharing feature enables the users to share files in the form of documents, videos to the students. 

Easy to Install on Android, ios and Web Devices

Fugu is a smartly designed chat platform that could be easily installed and accessed on any of the platforms. It can be used on any of the mobile devices whether it is an android or ios device. Moreover, it is well-suited even on different web devices. 

Low Investment

Fugu allows you to get all the above-mentioned features and many more in one place. The investment to own a Fugu platform is as low as you have ever dreamt of. It is one of the most economical investment, you could think of making for the education business. 

Strengthen Your Fight Against Coronavirus with Fugu

Fugu is your one-stop destination if you are looking to run your educational operations even in case of social distancing. Students are the real resource of a nation! Its time to make an investment to save the future of the world!

For more information, connect with us and empower your students with the right use of technology.

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