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Guide to starting your own Cannabis Delivery Business

By Sahil Sankhla 19th April 2018

Cannabis, a taboo and its consumption a crime since many years, has now been made legal for medical and/or adult recreational consumption in many states and countries which makes it the perfect time for entrepreneurs to pick up on this opportunity and kick-start their own Cannabis delivery business. With an influx of heavy demand for cannabis and its various products, this business is expected to be a profit-making one.

Since the legal cannabis industry is in its nascent stage, there is not much information and guidance on how to make the first move towards starting your own venture, which will change with these five easy steps:

1. Legality

Before starting, it is imperative to know whether consumption of cannabis is legal at your place or not. Keep up with the developments that might lead to changes in the laws regarding the same. If your state legalizes cannabis consumption or if the legalization process is in the pipeline, you are good to go.

2. Business model

Develop a business model for your cannabis delivery business according to the objectives of your organization with the focus on innovation and sustainability. This will be the spine of your pitch for financing. Investors are keen on investing in the cannabis industry as there is enough potential for profitability.

3. Licensing

Obtain all the valid licenses by the necessary regulatory bodies in your state before starting with your cannabis delivery business. This information is available on the internet with respect to all the compliance required depending on your country or state.

4. Setting up your store

Look for legal sellers of cannabis with all the required licenses. Then, get a visually appealing and efficient website and app for your cannabis products. Platforms like Yelo can be your one-stop solution which provides easy steps to create pages for menus with descriptions, pictures, and pricing.

5. Delivery System

The most important step is setting up an efficient delivery system. You can hire drivers or outsource it per your requirements. Then, a delivery management tool is required to provide your customers with a seamless experience of cannabis delivery right at their doorsteps. You can use Tookan to set up your cannabis delivery system with which you can track the delivery in real time and smoothly communicate with the driver.

Cannabis is expected to grow multi-folds in the future and this is the right time to make the first mover advantage by following these five simple steps that will put you on the path of becoming a legal cannabis millionaire.

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