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Launch the profitable multi-service marketplace app like Glovo for your on-demand delivery business. Build a one-stop solution for your customers by bringing all of your on-demand services online.

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15 Minute Grocery Delivery
15 Minute Grocery Delivery

The need for a super app solution similar to Glovo

In light of the rapid adoption of smartphones and the growing use of the Internet, the market is open to the idea of Super Apps like Glovo. Moreover, on-demand delivery services were also accelerated by the pandemic. Businesses can use super apps to increase revenue, provide convenience and gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour or by collecting huge amounts of consumer data. Additionally, a super app can make it easier for your customers to manage all of their needs with a one-stop solution.

How does Glovo Clone App Script Works?

  • Choose your delivery

  • Choose products/services from your favorite merchants

  • Place an order/booking and make payment

  • Products/services delivered at your doorstep

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Glovo clone: A platform to accommodate everything in one place

A super app packed with all the vital features

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