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Game of Thrones with an On- Demand spin

By jwork 31st August 2016


The Scrying Screen

We have progressed beyond the realm of simplistic communication, at last. The Warlocks of Qarth succeeded in producing the Scrying screen. It is a simple disc like device, smooth like a mirror that lets you project images of your surroundings to anybody else who has the same device – a two way connection. We can talk, see our loved ones and even spy on the enemy, if the Scrying screen is used to that effect. Naturally, Qarth became extremely wealthy after this – and like any good invention worth its salt, this too, spawned endless problems and benefits alike.

The War between the seven kingdoms is continuously escalating. The North lies ravaged, by the Lannister army and their newly sworn in banner men – traitors, all, purporting their own cause. Winterfell is headless. Beyond the North, Stannis Baratheon foolishly, but valiantly fends off the true threat of the Winter – the White Walkers, in all their fearsome glory. The Greyjoys in the Iron Isles mobilise in an attempt to unite and elect a king – the Iron Fleet, led by Victarion sails toward Valyria. King’s Landing, besieged by political plots, thick with corruption, grows poorer by the day as the Lannisters seek to desperately consolidate power. New religions spring up overnight, or old ones are yet revived. The Targaryen armies, motley collections of tribes, the unsullied and yet more mercenaries – accompanied by three dragons and no less try ruling the lands beyond the Narrow Sea. The Iron Bank profits through it all – blood and gold go hand in hand.

So who am I, you ask? Well, I am the one that has changed the face of business in Westeros, that’s who I am! The Warlocks are not business-minded; they are simply power hungry creatures, and desire gold like any commoner would. I have simply used their Scrying glasses to a deadly effect – creating a communications network all over the seven kingdoms and beyond. I have my men in many places, and after having allied myself and my project with the Iron Bank, they have only been too obliging as far as men and coffers are concerned.

We call ourselves the ‘Blood, Gold and Iron’ delivery company. We can acquire anything that these three things can buy – or are caused by! We are in the business of war and providence. Our couriers are everywhere – why, even the major houses have a stake in our business because it is so profitable! Let me explain to you the different aspects of our business.

Transport for Hire

We run a ‘horses on-demand’ service throughout Westeros – we started out with having rest-houses and inns everywhere – but those began getting looted by incoming hoodlums and thugs of every order. So now we man those with the right men – armed to the teeth – and offer people fresh horses, or even litters with our own drivers that will carry them to the next guest house, all for a tidy fee. Once people started realising that paying up was better than killing almost every horse in Westeros, or getting killed yourself – they came around. We also supply horses in great amounts to armies – those are more expensive, obviously, because there’s no guarantees on their return. The better the breed, the steeper the pricing. Earlier, only armies and the great houses used to purchase horses – now, the Iron Bank, with all its purchasing rights has taken over more than a half of them – and lease them as they see fit.

Everyone’s a customer. Last week, a shipment of horses was asked for the skirmish in the Bolton’s back yard – Roose Bolton himself contacted us through his Scrying glass and asked for over three dozen Red Chargers – and he got what he wanted, no less. We walked away with a nice deal for 15 dragons.

Weapons on-Demand

It had to be done. There are altogether too many low grade weapons lying around, and even more in the scrapping field. Our men also collect all the spare iron and metals and with our smithing contracts, re-forge them into weapons worthy for the finest champions! We have pikes, lances, swords, greatswords, gauntlets, crossbows, longbows, curving daggers, scimitars, whips and throwing knives – we also supply all kinds of armour – platemail, chain-mail and ring-mail. Custom made ones cost more, of course, but the best about all of this is, it can be done via Scrying glass and transported by our team of wargs and the finest transport for security. Every weapons-worthy need can be taken care of – all you need to do is contact the right people. We have supply depots all over Westeros – I am sure there is one near you too – and, we provide a one-two week delivery guarantee. The Scrying glass also shows the progress of your shipments, so that you can rest assured that you get what you paid for. Your coin earns an immense amount of trust and satisfaction.

Pleasure On-Demand

Let us face the simple fact. When you are fighting a bloody war, you need to indulge in whatever remaining pleasure life has to offer. With our partnerships in Dorne for the finest wines – we can cater to the wars you wage in private. The remotest regions do not prevent the eye of the Scrying glass – once you provide us with where you need these services to be delivered, we will be faultless in our catering. The Karstarks, the Greyjoys and even the Tyrells sometimes have asked for our services – that battle at Storm’s End was horrible! All those fragile psyches, they need pleasure for survival. We are that survival.

Weddings On-Demand

Since the bad business with the Red and White weddings, everyone has been paranoid about who should actually plan the weddings involved. Well, we’ve got the answer! We ring our weddings with a three tiered security force that will work with all your private men, AND we thoroughly vet all entertainers so that shady characters like Dontos Hollard don’t show up ever again. There’s also a revenge-guarantee. If your wedding does get assailed by…undesirables, we will send a private message, typically in the form of reverse-assassinations and the like. We like our weddings secure, and our unions uneventful. As much as is possible in this war torn economy. The décor, the food and every other detail can be left to our assembly of people – from designers to the finest court-jesters, and the greatest chefs from all over Westeros to serve the type of food that you want. Our ties to Highgarden ensure that.

A Call For Partnership

So, with all these services up and running, we extend our hand to your great house too – for partnership. All we ask for are a commitment from a portion of your troops, local services and whatever speciality that you can provide for a share in our on-demand company. All you have to do after that lease is signed is sit back, purchase our licensed Scrying glasses and watch the profits roll in! We will also be moving in soon in the Maester medicine supply-business, nursing aid on-demand and even architectural and rebuilding services for your destroyed houses! We will also deliver to the Wall, where those crows are guarding our realm without any commodities to keep them warm – we are working on the transport routes and other things as we speak. A business where trust is important – completely against everything that this devious world is offering us. In a land where everything is lost – at least you’ll have the gold to sustain you.

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