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Foodpanda Clone Script: All Key Features Explained

By Abhishek Goel 20th June 2022

The online food and grocery delivery platforms are some of the largest revenues generating companies. There are many restaurant owners out there that are actively participating in this business. They are looking to achieve the required familiarity in the marketplace.

There are several advanced Foodpanda clone food ordering scripts available online that are white-label solutions that enable restaurant owners to process and deliver their food to consumers promptly.

Let’s take a look at the top features you can expect in a script that will allow restaurant owners to manage their businesses in a better way.

foodpanda clone script


1. Easy sign-up: The customers can register themselves through several alternatives such as mobile phones, emails, and social media accounts. There is robust back-end support available as well.

2. Instant tracking: It is easily possible to specify the details of your location either automatically or manually. There is a tracking facility available. It helps in keeping up with the current status of the order.

3. Searching for food and restaurants: The clone script allows the consumers to quickly search the available restaurants in the area close by for food items.

4. Notifying alternatives: You will be notified about everything from food preparation in the restaurants to delivery to the doorstep. Customers will get alerts every instant.

5. Custom templates for various food items: This allows the customers to see the food items with all their health details, ingredients, and pricing.

6. Secure multi-payment alternatives: All authenticity interfaces are in place. There are third-party payment modules available that permit the consumers to make payments after receiving an order.

7. Good filtering: Food seekers get advanced filtering alternatives such as organic, most-accessed, rating-based, and type of cuisine categories.

8. History analysis: Different consumers have direct access to alternatives available to the order history for quicker ordering the next time around.

foodpanda clone


1. Easy onboarding for delivery personnel: There are digital document uploading capabilities available with the signing up process. The delivery executives can easily register themselves in the app as stakeholders.

2. Consumer live updates: After the collection of food from different restaurants, all the updates of your trip are intimated to the consumers.

3. Confirmation of pickup status: Considering the current position of the drivers doing the deliveries, they can display their status either for an instant pickup or a pickup at a later stage.

4. Navigation alternatives: If you enable the GPS alternatives in the app, the delivery personnel can complete the trip by using a minimum distance and time. This will allow the person to carry out more orders every day.

5. Full details of the order: You can gather full details of the food items, mobile numbers, and customer location for your effortless delivery.

6. Better task management: The backend of the driver interface gives all the necessary details of driver assignment. There is an automated task allocation within the app making the drivers aware at all stages.

7. Updates about food completion: There are notifications received by the delivery personnel, from restaurant owners. They provide them with the necessary info for collecting food and delivering it to the doorstep of the customers fast.

8. Data about the orders: After completing every order, the delivery executive can record the order history. It can be useful for simple access in the future.

Some differentiating features of the Foodpanda clone script

Contactless delivery: You can dodge away from the minute possibility of contracting the deadly virus during the food delivery process. You can get the food items delivered to you at a properly sanitized spot close to your doorstep without you having to connect with a delivery executive.

Advanced search bars: Sailing through a sea of similar appearing food items has become a breeze with this script. Customers are empowered with strong search functionality, embedded with a sorting element and filtering.

Better product management: The store managers will have the capability of clustering the products competently into different categories and subcategories. This is done to supersize the visibility and the sales traction later.

foodpanda clone script

Multilingual support: You can also think about tracking into unexplored markets by using the functionality that allows you to offer your business in several languages seamlessly. You can get a perfect international solution.

SEO-friendly: You can top the SERPs in all the important search engines with the Foodpanda clone being drenched with critical SEO elements. You get an ultra-sensitive design.

Super quick checking out process: The checkout process is proficiently aided by an agile checkout design. Consumers can easily add food items to the cart and go away in a flash.

Reviews and ratings: You can empower your clients to write down their opinions about the food items. They can review your entire service as a whole.

Support for a range of food and grocery businesses

Single food stores: Are you looking to expand your business into the realm of the online world? There is a Foodpanda clone script available that can be the turnkey for massive success and reception for your business.

Food delivery start-ups: Now the businessmen can expand the reach of their offerings further to tap the unexplored avenues. You can get an Avant-grade food delivery platform via this Foodpanda clone script option.

Grocery stores: Find out about the magic of the products being delivered to your doorstep via the online ordering and delivery facility of the clone.

Cloud kitchens: You can funnel the remunerative silo for a cloud kitchen. This can be made possible by the use of the Foodpanda clone script.

Food chains: It is possible to culminate the food outlet chain if you have one by using the online solution. This is a stellar method for forging a loyal customer base.

How does it work?

1. Registration: The user will have to register with the necessary info. He or she can register and log in to the app.

2. Browse the stores and restaurants: Users can then go to the home page to nail down the specific items and stores.

3. Add the item to the cart: All your selected items will get annexed to the cart seamlessly.

4. Checkout: You can select from the various payment alternatives available. Make a payment and confirm the address where the food needs to be delivered.

5. Tracking the order: Users will be able to track the live location status of their order with a tracking feature in the app.

6. Delivery: The grocery products or food items are delivered to the consumer through the delivery executive.

7. Ratings and reviews: In the end, the users can rate their overall experience and food quality through the rating facility and reviews area.

Benefits of Foodpanda clone script

1. Instant online payment: You can maintain your revenue boxes ringing with money as consumers pay via a range of online payment alternatives without any issues.

2. Use of ground-breaking technology: The food and grocery items will be delivered using the latest technology. The clone provides a terrific performance capability that cannot be rivaled.

3. Brand positioning: You can etch the nuances of your brand image into the hearts of your clientele with the intuitive definition of the products, pricing, availability, etc.

4. One-time investment: Get rid of all the nagging re-payments. This food delivery system is a one-time investment that entitles the fruition endlessly.

5. Data security: The clone comes with a military-grade security protocol. The data and privacy are secured. 

6. 100% customization is possible: You can recreate the food delivery solution according to the locality. This is done for resonating with your business sensibilities and market conditions.

7. 24/7 support: You will get unwavering support right from the stages of app conception to deployment. The support will be available for all the support silos.


The food delivery business boasts of a billion-strong user base. It is growing larger every day. There is hardly any industry that can flaunt such profit margins and massive user base as the grocery and food delivery sector. In case you are an entrepreneur that is looking to launch an on-demand grocery and food delivery business, get in touch with Jungleworks pronto. You can get a Foodpanda clone food delivery script with all the features stacked. By taking just a few easy steps the consumers can search, order, pay, and get the food item delivered right to their doorsteps.

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