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Five ways chat can improve your operational efficiency

By Ripudaman Singh 27th June 2018

On-demand services are synonymous to spontaneity and responsiveness. Biggest challenge for businesses to meet those requirements is to ensure their operational processes are efficient. Businesses need to make sure new agents are onboarded quickly, changes in tasks are handled gracefully in real time and agents are incentivized and kept motivated to finish the tasks in time with minimal delays.

Key element to achieve high operational efficiency is communication between operations manager and field agents. Communication is a versatile tool and will add value differently for every business. It can be used for quick validation of credentials of new agents or to keep them engaged in lean time or announce bonuses to keep them motivated or to ensure that operations run smoothly. That’s where real-time chat comes in, to act as communication medium between managers and agents.

Our clients across the globe are using real-time chat in following ways:

  • Onboarding new agents: TT RideShare, a ride sharing company in Trinidad & Tobago, is extensively using chat to verify the credentials of new drivers, notify them about missing or incorrect forms and thus, reducing the validation time from days to hours. Not only this, chat helps to provide any assistance to the new drivers in real time accelerating the process of onboarding them to their technology.
  • Engaging your agents: Fooji, experiential marketing platform based out of New York, uses chat to engage the drivers and keep them posted till a new campaign is conducted by a brand. This is unique usecase where drivers need to be notified upfront about the pickup location and the time, when delivery tasks will start to pore in. Fooji is able to give head up to the drivers’ and also, get their availability all through chat.
  • Rescheduling and cancellations: Fetch It, on-demand pickup and delivery services in Malta, handles rescheduling, cancellations or any real time task updates by communicating them to its fetchers through chat ensuring smooth operations.
  • Incentives and Bonuses: Wesub Teach, on-demand childcare teaching platform based out of Georgia, US, uses chat to broadcast incentives and bonuses to motivate its teachers. Not only this, it also uses the chat platform to receive invoices as proofs and grant the bonuses.   
  • Feedback and other queries: Shepper, an on-demand inspections platforms, is using chat to answer queries from its agents and also provide feedback on their inspection reports being sent to their customer.

We, at Jungleworks, can integrate Hippo real-time chat into your applications – customer, manager and agent – in least possible time so that you can focus on your business while we focus on communication. 

Talk to us at [email protected] on how incorporating real-time chat can improve your operational efficiency.

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