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SaaS VS Custom Script – What to Choose for Your Business

By Deepak Digwal 30th July 2020

Are you looking to build your own consultancy marketplace? Confused about choosing between a SaaS product or a custom script? We’ve got it all covered here. Read on to let us help you make your choice.

SaaS product

SaaS VS Custom Script – Here’s the breakdown

1. Cost-Effective:

One of the primary reasons businesses looking for a consultancy services marketplace opt for SaaS is that it is affordable. A low monthly subscription fee that can be increased or decreased depending on the number of users makes it a more desirable option than a custom script.

Custom Scripts require time, effort, and planning – all of which ultimately cost the company money. All of these resources can be better directed to other business needs while the company sets up a SaaS-based on-demand consultancy app.

2. SaaS products are constantly upgraded

A common perception that many people have regarding customised applications is that they can be upgraded at any point. However, the efforts to upgrade a custom model are much more difficult unless a business has a huge sum of money to invest in redirecting resources towards it.

SaaS products like Panther get constant upgrade by the software company. In fact, a competitive market, feedback by customers, and the experience of serving a variety of industries compel companies in the on-demand consultancy development segment to constantly upgrade their software.

Using a SaaS consultancy marketplace product is a win for the business in terms of customer service and resource optimisation.

3. Development and Planning

In the early stages of a business, opting for a custom script is a drain on resources and doesn’t prepare you for the kind of operations you might want in your custom-built marketplace for consultancy services.

SaaS product

Starting off your consultancy marketplace on a SaaS platform will allow you to get familiar with features that fit your business and ones that don’t. Once your company outgrows the platform and is more clear about your needs, you can custom build your consultation marketplace software.

Using a SaaS product like Panther may also introduce you to features that even your team might have overlooked or not thought about while designing a custom application.

4. It Reduces Stress

A more human side of developing a custom consulting marketplace technology is the stress of planning the application and forming a consensus within the organisation. A custom app slightly complicate the entire experience that makes it difficult to use.

The experience of SaaS companies in working with businesses of varied backgrounds. It helps them develop features and workflows that can fit the needs of any organisation. While do not seem like a complete fit for each organisation, they meet majority of needs. 

Studies show that companies use only about 10-15% of the features available in any software. Unless your consultancy marketplace needs unique features, it is worth avoiding the stress of creating a custom marketplace for consultancy services.

SaaS product

5. Implementation Time

A SaaS-based on-demand consultancy app like Panther is ready to use immediately. A custom script requires the time, effort, and resources amounting to a long term commitment to its development.

Does your business require an immediate, stress-free solution? Then a SaaS-based on-demand consultant app is the solution. 

6. Integration with third-party apps

Softwares use APIs to integrate with third-party applications as and when required. For most SaaS products, APIs are in-built and data transfer between apps is made smoother. 

SaaS product

Unless a custom software is designed to keep third-party applications in mind that may be required immediately. Or in the future, it needs to be redesigned and re-coded to be able to integrate with other applications.

When Should You Consider a Custom Script over Saas?

  • If your requirements from a consultancy marketplace are very unique and cannot be fit into any SaaS platform.
  • If you have a dedicated team and the resources to fund and support a project. 
  • Additionally, you might also want to consider if the software is so integral to your business. That it justifies the redirection of resources to its cause.

If these are not your concerns, then a SaaS product like Panther provides the best solution for your consultation marketplace.

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