Jungle Connect
Jungle Connect

Validate Your Idea

Have a new business idea? We'll Validate it thoroughly and help you research before moving forward.

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Learn How To Raise Capital

Need startup capital? Learn exactly where to find the right investors and how to pitch them.

Get Early Customer

Stalled on customer growth? Find out how the pros acquire early customers using simple, repeatable techniques.

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Past editions

Jungle Connect

Jungle Connect

12th June 2019 Israel

Jungleworks successfully hosted an invite-only meetup Jungle connect. It was an evening full of opportunities where we shared ideas, successes, challenges, and learned how to foster your on-demand businesses.

Magic Minute

14 May 2019, Berlin

JungleWorks has successfully hosted an invite only meet-up for all the mission-driven startups & entrepreneurs across Berlin to meet, network and interchange Ideas,to attract investments for startups & entrepreneurs in services that drive the on-demand Industry.
Jungle Connect
Jungle Connect

Magic Minute

9 May 2019, Lisbon

JungleWorks hosted an event to understand and learn as budding entrepreneur recount their learning and experiences and to bring together the best business coaches to discuss innovation.

Jungle Hunt

11 April 2019, Dubai

JungleWorks successfully hosted the second edition of the event Jungle Hunt in Dubai. It was a platform for motivated entrepreneurs to network , gain access to latest industry insights and funding opportunities.
Jungle Connect
Jungle Connect Jungle Connect

Jungle Hunt

17 March 2019, Gurugram

JungleWorks hosted an event for all the mission-driven startups & entrepreneurs across India to pitch their business idea to access high-quality mentoring, networking, seed capital, and investments leading entrepreneurs to the right market-fit product & funding.

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