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Enhance user experience with New Tookan Dashboard and App

By Team Tookan 4th August 2017

To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often! With this motto, we at Tookan thrive to be the best in our business. Tookan, being active in 150+ countries in the world, is one of the fastest growing on-demand SaaS leader. Valuing our customers’ feedback, we keep introducing new features to fit in requirements of different business verticals. We introduced “Marketplace” in Tookan where you can use different applications in your dashboard as per your requirements. With 30+ applications in the marketplace already, we are developing and adding more applications daily Also, we went live with the new dashboard and Agent app recently.

Here you can find what all is new in the dashboard:

Create multiple stops in a single task and pay less for the task – We came across many business scenarios, where the users wanted to have multiple pickup points and one delivery location assigned to an Agent. It was difficult and time consuming to create all individual tasks manually and then link them. Well, now it’s not. You can just add multiple pickup/delivery points in the task and the job is done. Moreover, you’ll be charged lesser than before.

Ability to view tasks in Clusters on map – Confused about the number of tasks in a specific area? Now, you can see the numbers directly on the map, clicking on which will break the clusters into subclusters and clicking on individual marker will highlight the corresponding task. You can also choose to enable or disable clusters by clicking on Filters on Map.

Improved task details and Agent details -Clicking on a task opens the task details and highlights the corresponding task on the map with an infobox. To view the path history, just click on the Show Path history button under details. To view the tasks assigned to an agent, just click on the agent name and there you have all the required details. You can also drag and drop the tasks to change the priority. To view task details on the dashboard itself, click on the task and task details appear in task pane.

Configure Web notifications – One of the problems that our clients faced was hindrance on screen space caused by web notifications. So, we have given the option to enable/disable notifications. And yes, you can have different settings for your Managers and Admin accounts.

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