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Email Parsing for Tookan

By Manav Kambli 22nd September 2016

Smart Automation

Tookan, our business automation platform gets yet another add-on in the process of self-improvement. We’ve already detailed the workings of Tookan in previous posts – it is a one stop solution to managing your logistical and payment-oriented needs, along with generating predictive and analytical data to enable you, the customer, in making the necessary decisions to optimize your business.

To add to the increasing list of crucial add-ons, Email parsing is the latest one.

The process of parsing is simple: It does not require the customer to send an exclusive email from their end in order for you, the entrepreneur to process their information for subscription purposes. In effect, the parser will ‘extract’ relevant information from existing transaction based information and add the user as a subscriber without added effort. Hence, you can get consumer data without going over the top and taking additional measures to extract it.

Without a parser, much of the email transaction process is just information that does not present itself as actionable data – with it, you get valuable insights into your customer base, along with having a list of subscribers handy in order to create automated workflow triggers. These triggers can come in the form of database updates for further Business Analytics, for automated messaging and responses, updating your CRM with relevant information and even sentiment analysis.

Tookan and Email Parsing


In Tookan, you can simply activate the email parsing add-on. Once that is done, Tookan will generate a unique email ID just for your account. All that needs to be done to complete the procedure is copying the email ID and enabling the email forwarding feature either via your online ordering account or via your email client (Gmail, outlook etc.)

Parsing eliminates the humdrum of copy-pasting, eliminates data entry errors, maintains structured data, accelerates response time and works very well for businesses that deal with online orders and other virtual transactions.

Tookan already has several email parsing formats for you to peruse from – you do not even have to construct the automated reply.

To help you understand better, let me give you an example of how things will work once an email lands in your mail from your customer asking for a delivery to be made. You wouldn’t have to bother with making a note of the request as email parsing will do that for you by compiling a task on its own by picking up relevant information from the mail, and now all you have to do is assign that task to a particular driver. That is all. It’s quicker, easier and helps save you time.

Currently, you can choose from the following email formats: Grubhub, Eat24, Takeaway, Eat Now, Hungry House, E_Order Start, Eat Street, Delivery.com, Blizzfull and Shin Ramen –  GetSwift is the only other contender which provides this service.

We also believe in being adaptive at every turn – thus, apart from these preformatted options, if there is any particular format that strikes your fancy, we will naturally integrate it within our system.

So, if you need your online ordering system to be on our list, just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to optimize your business!

Contact us at: contact@tookanapp.com

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