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Custom Delivery Management System Integration – Everything you need to know.

By Gargi Modi 2nd February 2021

Looking to build a marketplace for your business? Look no further! Yelo is the perfect companion to help you build a marketplace that is suited to all your needs. With support for everything from custom themes to integration with thousands of popular apps to choose from our library of merchant apps. Customize and curate your marketplace listings however you’d like to. There’s a lot Yelo has to offer and we’re only getting started.

If your business uses delivery management software, you can integrate it into Yelo with ease. Yelo allows you to integrate your marketplace with just about any delivery management software using our WebHook integration module. It’s as simple as creating an API to interact with your delivery management software’s API and then feed in the authentication key from your delivery partner.


Yelo was built to be a full-featured suite to cater to all your marketplace building needs. Here’s a quick rundown of Yelo’s host of features:

  • Sell anything: Be it products, services, custom-made packages, or rentals. You can sell anything on a marketplace built using Yelo.
  • Works across platforms: We understand that a significant proportion of the traffic marketplaces receive is from mobile clients running iOS or Android. Keeping this in mind, we built Yelo to be seamlessly responsive even on mobile devices.
  • Variety of Merchant Apps: Our library of merchants have built apps with native support for Yelo. You can leverage the power of these apps to manage your inventory, add products as well as fulfill orders.
  • Stunning Themes: Presentation is key when it comes to online marketplaces. There are hundreds of beautiful themes you can choose from for your marketplace to set the mood for customers.
  • No cap on transactions: Yelo doesn’t charge or cap transactions with limits. Enjoy unlimited free transactions across all of our plans.
  • Robust Review and Rating System: You can build customer confidence and goodwill by showcasing what previous customers had to say about your marketplace.
  • Location-based actions: Make your store available to customers in the vicinity or auto-detect customer’s location to serve them better. The world is your oyster with Yelo!
  • Import/Export Catalogues: With support for the CSV format, importing and exporting catalogs has never been easier.
  • Time-based triggers: Change menus according to the time or date, or choose to have scheduled deliveries. Anything is possible with time-based triggers.

Custom Delivery Management Software Integration

Delivery management software allows you and your customers to track locations and shipping information of orders. This plays a vital role in helping you stay coordinated with logistics teams to ensure that orders are dispatched and delivered on time. This is what helps your delivery fleet get the information they need to make timely deliveries.

We live in an age where customer expectations are being driven up by the competition who most certainly leverages the power of delivery management software. Ensuring that your backend team can get an overview of the logistics is essential to keep up with delivery timelines. However, one problem marketplace owners face when trying to do this is that they face a discord between their delivery management software and marketplace interface due to the lack of proper integration.  That’s why we built support for custom delivery management software directly into Yelo.

Yelo is a revolutionary new marketplace builder and there’s one feature that we know you’ll love – support for custom delivery management software integration with just about any delivery management software out there!

One of the major hassles with most marketplace builders is that they tie you into their ecosystem, leaving you with few delivery management software options to work with. However, Yelo is different. It gives you greater room for customization, allows you to choose any delivery management system of your choice, and integrate it with the best marketplace builder out there – Yelo.

How to integrate Custom Delivery Management Software on Yelo

We’ve tried to make integrating custom delivery management software on Yelo as simple as possible using our webhook integration module.

Here’s how simple it is to integrate a custom delivery management software into Yelo:

1. Navigate to your Yelo Dashboard and choose Integration

2. Click on Configure DMS

3. Under the Custom DMS Integration tab, you can update parameters such as the DMS Name, URL, Authorization token, Status, and Action.

4. You have the option to edit, delete, or add data.

Please make sure to input all of the above data to ensure smooth functionality and integration with Yelo.

To further elucidate how simple it is to integrate a custom delivery management software into Yelo, here’s a video of us demonstrating the same with Tookan, Jungleworks’ very own delivery management system.

This can be applied to any delivery management software of your choice.

This is great for any kind of business that uses a web interface to help customers place orders online and ship orders out to them.

Once you’ve successfully integrated the delivery management software of your choice with Yelo, you’ll be ready to deliver real-time updates and tracking information about your customers’ orders in real-time. You can also send them messages with updates on their orders and keep track of all your orders at once from the dashboard. Taking a look at your logistics analytics will give you an estimate of how well you’re keeping to your delivery timelines, which contribute majorly to how satisfied customers are with your brand and how they are likely to perceive it. Information from these analytics can be used to fine-tune your order-handling processes and ensure that you’re being as efficient as possible. In the long run, this could save you plenty of time and money as well as help you grow your business to new highs.

We’d love to be a part of your business’ journey to the top. Rediscover simplicity and ease-of-use with Yelo, while you continue to scale your business to meet increasing demand.


Yelo is your one-stop destination for everything you need to build a successful marketplace. Take care of everything from curating listings, managing inventory, and managing logistics using custom delivery management software integration – right from the user-friendly interface of Yelo. Yelo is feature-packed and has just about everything you can think of to take your business to new levels. Using custom delivery management software integration, you can rest assured that your back end teams are always on the top of their game and can fulfill orders as fast as possible, keeping your customers happy to return to you. Integrating custom delivery management software is no longer stressful – use our webhook integration module to integrate your system to Yelo in a matter of minutes. All you need is DMS domain URLs and authorization tokens from your delivery management system and before you know it, you have real-time integration with your custom delivery management software up and running.

Help us help you take your business forward by contacting us for a demo of Yelo. Try and see the impact Yelo can have on the prospects of your business.

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