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Creating a Business Startup During COVID-19

By Tannu Sharma 4th June 2020

Business in the Times of COVID-19

The year was 2020 and the world as we knew it had changed irrevocably. By the end of March, the entire world was in the grips of a pandemic that brought everything to a standstill, with social distancing becoming the key to survival. Amongst the most impacted due to the pandemic were businesses. With extended lockdowns and justified fear of catching the virus amongst consumers, sales dropped across all segments and the business startup has taken a new turn. 

But even COVID-19 can’t dampen the spirit of entrepreneurship, especially when there are convenient tools that can aid you in starting your business from the comfort of your home! Curious about how you can take advantage of the current situation and bring your business to life? Read on.

Online Consultation Businesses – The Way Ahead

Due to their inherent nature, certain businesses are better suited to the post-COVID-19 world than others. We’re referring to online consultation businesses that include everything from medical counseling and legal services to tutoring and astrology. Essentially, these are consultation services that you can provide to your customers over the internet or through a call. Your job is managing the marketplace where prospective customers can find experts to solve their queries. 

What makes an online consultation business the perfect choice during COVID-19 is the fact that you can offer real value to your customers without stepping out of your homes. All you need is a good internet connection and a ready-to-use marketplace brought to you by a consultation marketplace like Panther.

Without lockdowns and social distancing guidelines to hamper your growth, an online consultation business can thrive in the current environment, especially when it’s equipped with a conversational marketplace. Let’s dive into this new term we just sprung on you in the next section.

Astrology Consultation – The Workings of a Conversational Marketplace

Amongst the most popular online consultation businesses is astrology services. For instance, a Delhi-based astrology startup, where people can seek advice on jobs, health, career, and relationships, raked in over Rs 14 lakhs business over a single day. During the time of COVID-19, this startup’s business more than doubled, which is something not a lot of businesses can claim.

Clearly, astrology consultation is a lucrative and relatively untapped sector that’s waiting to be taken to the next level. But how does one go about doing that while still being stuck at home?

Business Startup

Enter, Panther. A consultation marketplace, Panther helps connect astrologers with clients in real-time with its conversational marketplace. The process is easy. Clients will register on your marketplace, search for their problems and reach out to one of the partner astrologers listed on the marketplace. The astrologer will then provide them with answers via call, video or chat. Some other super useful features of Panther include:

  • Real-time chat feature
  • Zero coding, which means your consultation business can be launched within a day
  • Instant payment for astrologers
  • Easy social media integration of the marketplace
  • Updated analytics to track daily transactions and revenue over a certain period

Flexibility like Never Before

For any online consultation business, the flexibility of both the marketplace and the services offered is key. A good example of this would be flexibility in terms of how the registered astrologers are paid. Some might prefer a fee per minute model while others would rather opt for a fee as per the mode of communication. Panther offers you three unique payment modes, allowing you to meet the specific payment requirements of the astrologers listed on your marketplace.

Ready-to-Use Consultation Marketplace

With its user-friendly interface and breezy set-up process, Panther offers you a smart and economical way to bring your astrology consultation business to life without worrying about any of the optics involved with starting a new business. The last part is essential during the current times given all the restrictions in place. To make the process simpler for everyone involved, Panther offers three customizable apps, the Astrologer App, Client App, and Admin App. These apps are designed to meet the needs of all parties involved and offer a convenient, modern way of doing business.
Got questions about how Panther can help you start your online consultation business? Get in touch with us today!

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