A feature-rich software suite for cloud kitchens

Get unparalleled visibility and control over your cloud kitchen operations with our best-in-class cloud kitchen software. A perfect recipe with our ordering, delivery and growth tech suite.

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Rise of cloud kitchens

With the ongoing pandemic, the current state of the restaurant industry, which includes intense competition, rental costs, and increasing costs, cloud kitchens appear to be a smarter way to run a restaurant. Get rid of the expensive rentals and run your restaurant online with our restaurant management software.

Cloud Kitchen Software

Build a digital presence that is uniquely yours

  • Apps and websites with responsive UI Establish your online footprint with an SEO-optimized responsive ordering website. Unlimited bandwidth and hosting to add unlimited listings and onboarding users.
  • Have your own unique domain or use ours Besides using our existing domain for free, you can also purchase a separate unique domain name for your cloud kitchen.
  • Launch it in 80 languages with secured payment solutions Ensure customer retention by connecting with your customers in more than 80 languages.

Reimagining your catalog

  • Professionally designed layouts and themes An enterprise-level catalog personalized for your local business. Simply customize and update your catalog as per your arrangements.
  • Multi-level categories for your array of offerings List down your entire range of products by creating multiple levels of categories and subcategories in your catalog.
  • Advanced search & filters for easy navigation Provide search options for customers by keywords, dates, and categories for a better user experience.
Cloud Kitchen Software
Cloud Kitchen Software

Faster checkout process

  • Integrations with 80+ payment gateways Provide smoother checkout with over 80+ external payment gateways from around the world.
  • Multiple payment methods Offer your customers the option to pay by cash and save cards while placing online orders from your cloud kitchen.
  • Customizable checkouts Customize your checkout screen by adding custom information with an order, that the customer will fill during checkout.

Efficient delivery management for your cloud kitchen

  • Automated Delivery Dispatch Go automatic and let your system assign the delivery agents for you, avoiding unnecessary delays.
  • Real-Time Tracking After placing an order, customers always want to know if it has been processed. Real-time tracking will prevent them from calling your restaurant for a manual update.
  • Route Optimization for Drivers Easily navigate to multiple destinations and ensure on-time deliveries. The app auto-suggests the shortest and fastest routes for an easier process.
Cloud Kitchen Software
Cloud Kitchen Software

Marketing integrations to win more customers

  • Loyalty program Loyalty points may be used to reward your loyal customers. On your website, loyalty points may be exchanged for discounts.
  • Live chat Connect with your customers in real-time. Automate conversations and provide tailored responses with our cloud kitchen software.
  • SEO & landing pages Your cloud kitchen will be created in accordance with SEO best practices. Control your meta tags, visible sitemap, and robots.txt files with ease.

Still unsure on how to start a cloud kitchen?

Checkout the ultimate guide to building your own cloud kitchen

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