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The Ultimate Handbook to Start your Online Marketplace Business

How to Start an Online Marketplace

Whether you want to create a food delivery service just like Swiggy or GrubHub or want to sell clothes online, Yelo has your back.

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How to Sell Food Online: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Food Online

The key to running any successful business is finding partners you can count on. For an online food business, finding suppliers who’ll support you wholeheartedly is essential. No matter if you’re selling food products that you make from scratch or reselling those made by others, you will need a reliable supplier to get you either the raw ingredients or the finished products.

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Lockdown: Lessons in Hyperlocal

Lockdown Lessons in Hyperlocal

Innovations are, more often than not, met with resistance owing to our inherent inertia of how we do things. The initial lukewarm response to new developments makes it hard to spot the next big thing in its initial stages – be it a pandemic or a new business opportunity. The Rise of Hyperlocal Hyperlocal is […]

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