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AI is Changing How We Work: Here’s How to Adapt

Artificial Intelligence

More and more companies are adopting the use of AI all around the globe. Research shows that the adoption of AI by companies globally has jumped to almost 270% from four years ago. It has been forecasted that AI expenditure will double by 2020 reaching up to $79 billion.

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How to Sell Food Online: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Food Online

The key to running any successful business is finding partners you can count on. For an online food business, finding suppliers who’ll support you wholeheartedly is essential. No matter if you’re selling food products that you make from scratch or reselling those made by others, you will need a reliable supplier to get you either the raw ingredients or the finished products.

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Transform Workplaces to Overcome Gaps Between Gen X, Millennials & Gen Z: The Complete How-to Guide

Transform workplaces

The days of discriminating against employees based on their age are past us. Everyone from a 60-year-old to a 21-year-old is supposed to feel comfortable working in a modern-day office and that’s only possible when the workplace is successfully able to overcome generational differences. Since age doesn’t determine the value an employee brings to the table, it’s imperative for a present-day workplace to nurture an environment where everyone feels comfortable contributing, irrespective of their age.

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Be Vocal for Local: Support the Indian Economy During the COVID-19 Crisis

Vocal for Local

In times of distress, it is important to step up and do everything we can to help revive the Indian economy and work towards equipping our businesses with the tools to tide through such circumstances. The best way to do this is by being completely self-reliant and calling for a new form of globalisation.

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller 2019 was a year which laid solid foundation for all our products in Jungleworks. Tookan went on to integrate hardware options and built in conjunction with our in-house drones, Tida. Yelo came out of the hood and Tiger was born […]

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NPNT Compliance

NPNT compliance

What is NPNT Compliance? NPNT or ‘No Permission – No Take-off” is a software program that enables every RPA (except Nano) to obtain valid permissions through digital sky platform before operating in India. Why NPNT Compliance? Due to the Security threats that drones can possess, as they come in all shapes and sizes ranging from […]

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Drone Legalization in India

It’s been a while now and people are still in dilemma whether it’s legal to have a drone or not. So, the answer is Yes, you can own a drone now, but as per the guidelines provided by the Director-General of Civil Aviation( DGCA). If you are really into drones read this article till the […]

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Moving Beyond Traditional Analytics

In a recent global survey by PWC, more than 2,100 executives shared their next big decision and how decision-making needs to improve by 2020. About 61% of the survey audience said that they would rely on data analysis more and less on intuition. Also, the companies that are not data-driven are at the risk of […]

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Acquire, Grow, and Retain Customers with Bulbul’s Single Customer View

What is SCV? A Single Customer View (SCV) is where all the data you hold about each of your customers is stored and consolidated into one single view, allowing all data on the individual to be grouped and brought together to create a single view of that customer. With Bulbul’s customer view, all touchpoints – […]

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What is a Hyperlocal Marketplace Business

In this age of erupting business ideas, setting up a Marketplace type of business, finds a vital space. Through the columns of many business reads, Marketplace is seen to cross our reading eyes. The business of setting up a Marketplace is definitely in demand but what is it? To be more specific, how is it […]

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