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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs

By Rumani 7th March 2024

Entrepreneurship is the road that every powerful mind with a zeal to achieve their dreams takes up. It is the journey that starts from an interesting idea to a successful business. Creating a successful business is not a cakewalk. It requires the correct vision, support, funding, strategy and proper execution.

Women and Entrepreneurship

As the entrepreneurial landscape continues to evolve, women are making significant strides in the world of business. All entrepreneurs face difficulties while running their business but for women entrepreneurs, the hurdles are even more.

The journey of women entrepreneurs is often marked by resilience, determination and the courage to challenge norms. In this blog, let’s delve deep into the major challenges faced by women entrepreneurs as they strive to break through the glass ceiling and make their mark in the business world.

Lack of Social and Institutional Support

One of the primary challenges for women entrepreneurs is the lack of social and institutional support. Despite improvements in gender equality, deep rooted biases and stereotypes still prevail in the society. Hence, affecting women’s access to equal opportunities, great mentorship and accessibility to the system.

The lack of robust support systems in place, makes the job for women entrepreneurs even more difficult. It becomes another tedious task to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and overcome barriers to success.

The society as a whole should be more receptive to the idea of women working for their goals and support them in their endeavours.

Inadequate Funding Opportunities

Access to funding remains a significant barrier for women entrepreneurs. Studies show that women-led start-ups receive less investments compared to their male counterparts, limiting their ability of growth and scaling their business.

The reluctance of investors in investing towards female-led businesses perpetuates a cycle of inequality, depriving women of the financial resources needed to realise their entrepreneurial aspirations. The lack of trust by investors in women- led ventures just on the basis of gender is a situation that should be given a deep thought.

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This makes the ease of doing business and the operational processes slow, leading to problems in the business. The process of funding should be solely on the basis of merit and the value of business.

Government schemes, partnerships, grants, incentives and other should options can be explored rather than just following the traditional funding process.

Work-Life Balance

For many women entrepreneurs, the challenge of balancing responsibilities between family and business is a constant struggle. The expectation to fulfill traditional gender roles as caregivers while pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors adds an extra layer of complexity.

Juggling between household duties, childcare and business demands, requires exceptional time management skills and it can often lead to burn outs, hampering the professional growth and business development processes.

Women need the most support from their home. If they have a supportive environment, they will prosper soon. Women can use technology to streamline their work, outsource non-core tasks, have flexible work hours and most importantly, spend some time alone. Juggling between so many tasks can affect their individuality and it can lead to mental fatigue.

Underestimation and Skepticism

Women entrepreneurs frequently face skepticism about their capabilities and their potential for success. This lack of confidence in women entrepreneurs comes from their investors, customers, peers and even families at times.

The pervasive belief by some that women are less competent or ambitious than men can hinder their path of success. Overcoming these notions require women to be strong from within and not let these beliefs come in their journey to achieving their goals.

They must be confident in their work and skills which will gradually lead them to be successful women entrepreneurs.

Lack of Inspirational Role Models

The lack of abundance of inspirational role models can pose a barrier for some when they don’t have any relatable figures to emulate and learn from. While the number of successful women entrepreneurs is increasing every day, their presence in the media is not very well established yet.

Women drive motivation from other women and the more women entrepreneurs share their story, the more young women they will aspire. This can also lead to  growth in the number of women who opt for entrepreneurship as their career.

The famous Oprah Winfrey from the Oprah Winfrey Show is a perfect inspiration for aspiring young women who need a role model to look up to. Oprah was born into poverty and has made her way through a lot of struggle but she never gave up. Her resilience and determination has made her one of the most successful women.


Breaking the glass ceiling requires a joint effort to face the multifaceted challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. By fostering a positive and supportive ecosystem that provides institutional, social, financial and family support we can empower women to thrive in entrepreneurship and shatter the barriers to success.

Moreover, amplifying the stories and voices of inspirational role models can inspire future generations of women entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with determination. As we celebrate achievements of women entrepreneurs, let us reaffirm our commitment to create an inclusive entrepreneurial environment for all.

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