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Boost Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention using custom Push Notifications

By Wilfred Vivek 7th August 2019

Push Notifications were developed to help businesses deliver customers timely and helpful content that adds value, and improves the customer’s stickiness with the product.

They can be used to solve some of the significant issues which online entrepreneurs face today. Push notifications help in improving “Customer Engagement”, “Customer Retention” and also helps in enhancing the “Conversions” for your online business.

Stats show that 90% of people who installed an application opened it only once, only 16% of the users will try out an app more than twice.

One might seem to think that the power of push notification is over-hyped, but it isn’t. It is incredible to have the ability to poke 2 billion mobile user base who spend on an average 5 hours on their mobiles/laptops.

In this blog, let me take an example and explain the working of a push notification, their types and advantages in detail.

Example: Online Marketplace Platform – Yelo

The online marketplace platform is a medium that connects users and sellers. Customers visit the platform to order products/services through web and mobile applications.

Step 1: Sort the customer data, collate the list of customers for whom you wish to roll out this notification. With Yelo, you can filter out the customer data based on the name, region etc.

Step 2: There are two parts to this step. First, choose a suitable title for the notification. Secondly, customize the message for the push.

It is the “Title” and the “Body text” that should drive the customer to make an action. Hence, there are few tips on how to write a customize the title and subject for push notification.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate time and hit send to achieve better open rates and conversions.

An efficient push notification is Timely, Personal and Actionable.

There are many ways to write a convincing push notification. It must be precise, engaging, and action-focused.

Push notifications are of different types that help you keep your customers engaged.

  1. There are informative pushes.
  2. Geolocation based notifications.
  3. Catch-up notifications.
  4. Promotional notifications.
  5. Survey notifications.

Each of these notifications serves a different purpose.

Informative notifications:

Informative notifications are those that deliver critical, timely memos that keep the customers updated with events.

E.g., for an e-commerce marketplace, the delivery information is an informative notification.

Geolocation based notification:

With this type of notification, you can keep your customers informed on:

  1. Finding the local restaurants in the area
  2. Local ceremony or promotions
  3. Weather forecasts

Geolocation based notifications play a vital role in the on-demand industry. E.g. For the restaurant aggregators, it makes sense to notify customers who are within that serving area of those restaurants. This allows online business owners to customize notifications based on the location of the customers.

Catch-up notifications:

Catch-up notifications are from re-engaging. They are to motivate customers towards personal goals. These are personalized and depends on their in-app activity.

Airbnb uses these notifications to drive customers to complete their booking.

Promotional notification:

These give a heads-up for the customers on exclusive offers, discounts and sale to encourage purchases.

An example of promotional notifications used by apple:

Survey notification:

These notifications are becoming important by the day. Customers trust fellow customers. People have started looking into customer reviews before making any purchase decisions.

Mobile notification is a very effective medium to garner reviews for your business.

Asking for push permission:

While push notifications help in customer acquisition and retention measures, getting the user permission to allow pushes is the front door.

Customers are more likely to subscribe to your push notifications when they understand the value provided by your application.

  1. Enlighten users about your application.
  2. Portray the best features of your application.
  3. Explain the value of receiving push messages.

Some good examples of an opt-in screen for applications are listed below.

Are you looking out to start your own online business with powerful notification features? Try out Yelo for free.

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