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How to Set Up an Online Consultation Business with Panther by Using Partner Programs

By Saloni Kackar 17th June 2020

Globalization and the age of the World Wide Web have opened up new gateways for businesses. The field of business has evolved and transformed in so many ways, leading to innovation and creativity. One method in particular that has grown in popularity is partnering with other businesses. Tangible benefits can be seen in companies involved in partner programs

Why Businesses Together are Better?

What partner programs do is allow companies to enhance their respective businesses. Your company can benefit from collaborating with another business in many ways. Collaboration is a key factor in accelerating growth and innovation. When you identify gaps and opportunities in your business, a strategic partnership can help provide functional solutions and improve customer experience. You get to learn from other business experts and apply the same to your market. Partner programs can lead to major breakthroughs in the world of business and create win-win situations for companies working together. 

partner programs

Partnering with Big Companies

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small companies have the opportunity to partner with bigger and more established ones. Many of these big businesses have a huge budget set aside to partner with smaller companies and non-profit organizations, helping them grow. Finding one that can complement your strengths and help you enhance your business is crucial. That’s where we come in. 

Jungleworks has an array of products to help you set up an on-demand business. Our platform contains products that provide end-to-end business solutions for all your e-commerce needs. Right from establishing an online marketplace, managing delivery, and analyzing sales, to having an online chat forum for your team, everything you need is under one platform. Connect with the fastest-growing on-demand community by joining the Jungleworks Partner Network and choose from a wide range of products to help suit all your business needs. 

What is Panther?

Panther is one such product that we offer, where we invite partners to come on board and set up an online consultation. We’ve collaborated with doctors, lawyers, fitness instructors, and more, by giving them a platform to grow their businesses. Panther is a smart, effective, and economical way to build your online consultation marketplace. With features such as catalog manager, email and push notifications, and seamless payment gateways, you can control every aspect of your business with ease. 

In this day and age, customers need products that are available instantly and easily. Providing an online consultation business can help you establish your business and improve the experience of your customers. You also get to set up a website and online application which adds to the credibility of your online business.

Partner programs

How Do I Partner with Panther?

The partner program at Panther is an easy way to set up an online consulting business. It takes minutes to take your idea and transform it into a viable business. Log on to our website and follow an easy step-by-step guide to launching your business. If you’re hesitant, you can try our 14-day trial to see if we’re a good fit for you. 

What You Can Expect as a Partner

As a partner you have the liberty to choose from a wide range of products, you can earn up to 25% revenue, customize content to suit your idea, join marketing initiatives, and more. Have complete control over the traffic coming in, listings in your marketplace, and monitor sales reports. Smaller businesses often require the right resources to be successful and that’s exactly what Panther can do for you. 


Partner programs are the newest business trend that has proven to be highly beneficial. Get the support your company deserves by joining our partner network and giving your business the right tools. Having an online presence today is a key factor for any business and when the right partner is to help you, the possibilities are endless.

It’s like that age-old saying,
“Two heads are better than one.” 

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