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How to Build an Online Rental Marketplace like Zillow

By Tannu Sharma 3rd July 2020

From the second you find yourself on a rental landing page, you are bombarded with information about the best rental prices and jargon that goes way over your head. An online rental marketplace can be daunting for even the most experienced real estate guru, but if you know where to look, it can be a fruitful endeavor that leaves you with a forever home. A satisfactory experience is one of the most basic tenets of any online marketplace, and when it comes to rental properties and real estate, it has to be one that is accessible, secure, and personalized. 

There are several online rental marketplaces such as Airbnb and Zillow that have now become household names owing to their conducive user interface. Minimal fanfare and appealing visuals are one of the main selling points when it comes to e-commerce and these websites promise a smooth and hassle-free ride. 

For instance, on Zillow, you can buy/rent/sell real estate in a streamlined and efficient manner. Established across America, Zillow lets you browse their catalog for rental apartments, mortgaged properties, and real estate to compare prices, square footage, etc. along with other pertinent features. You can make an informed choice in a secure manner as Zillow ensures that all your transactions and dealings are safe and satisfactory. Now, if you want to rent an apartment in Washington, you can easily apply filters that will help you narrow down your search – price, bedrooms and baths, condominiums or co-ops, list of available amenities and several other factors align to help you find the best house. A map shows you the exact location of your apartment of choice to understand the geographical value of the property. Zillow is ideal for a starter who is renting an apartment for the first time. 

What’s More? Apart from being an online marketplace for real estate, Zillow goes a step further by providing crucial real estate assistance. You may ask queries about home loans, find an agent to help you with your search, or even list your own rental without much fanfare. An online marketplace is, first and foremost, a visual experience. Websites such as Zillow make it easier for the visitor to access a library of information and at the same, ask relevant questions regarding mortgage, personal finances, and other resources. Additionally, it comes as no surprise that the more minimalistic a website, the more credibility it has. Troves of information, pop-ups, chat-bots, and ads can populate a website to the point of incoherence. 

These features are simple to understand and equally important for a sustainable online marketplace. You can even take a gander at finding a space that is yours alone. Tiger is an easy-to-use and customizable software that not only lets you create an online ecosystem that is highly-personalized, professionally-designed, and fully-customizable, but also provides an enriching user experience. You can build something akin to the best online rental marketplaces from scratch without any need for advanced coding knowledge or high set-up costs that bleed you dry. For all your business needs, Tiger is there to assist you with step-by-step guides, demos, and expertise from the best in the industry. You don’t just have to list properties and spaces, it can be anything from furniture and equipment to apparel and books. A trusted platform builds credibility and with Tiger, you can create a profitable business from the get-go. 

The reliance on digital platforms stems from the need to move forward in a manner that helps businesses survive everything, including a pandemic. Online marketplaces provide exclusive and catered solutions if you are looking for a transition from a brick & mortar or even if you are thinking about setting up a new business vertical. Allow yourself the flexibility, time, and space to accommodate dynamic and enigmatic times, leaving room for accountability. The way to master an e-commerce business is to stay open for all possibilities and with your own online marketplace, you can do just that! 

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