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Our Bird Gets New Stripes!

With a satisfied clientele in over 110 countries, one may say that stagnation might set in because we believe in our product – but one would be wrong. We at Tookan believe in continuous improvement as far as our services are concerned.
Tookan can already optimize your business immensely by integrating several features into one handy premium app. It features as a one stop nexus for managing your workforce in the field, be it the fulfillment of certain goals or tasks set by you. You can also verify the status of all your personnel on-field, while also guaranteeing delivery of services by setting up various checks and balances – like images for proof, or even a signature, if you so desire.
We also do not ignore the consumers – Tookan’s customer relationship management software allows you to get in touch with your consumers, enables communication between the consumer and the agent and even allows them to leave valuable feedback for you to collect and analyze for further optimization.

Tookan now allows your customers to store information for multiple credit cards on their end, so that payment is no longer cumbersome – every detail needn’t be entered painstakingly, leaving the consumer with a pleasant experience and the promise of ease once they visit your app again. In addition, it also supports single-click payments for returning consumers.

Tookan is evolving steadily to provide its customers the competitive edge that they need in today’s changing economic environment – with our aid, watch your business symbiotically evolve too!

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