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    How the ‘Google Search Algorithm’ works for your Online Marketplace Business

    75% of all the searches happen in the Google search engine; the only reason being it provides the most relevant search results in a fraction of a second. Google achieves this using an algorithm called the ‘Google Search Algorithm’. The ‘Google Search Algorithm’ uses not one but about 200 factors to display the most relevant […]

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    10 reasons ‘why it’s a must’ to do SEO for Online Business


    Every brand or a startup knows SEO is critical for its ‘Digital Discoverability’. To put it in simple words “The goal is to rank the brand’s online content on top of the page in a search engine when specific keywords are keyed in”. This blog outlines the top “10 Reasons to do SEO for Online […]

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    ‘Branding’ – Building your Marketplace Brand

    ‘Branding’ still seems to be a fancy word, misunderstood by business owners. Entrepreneurs are confused with the following marketing concepts like PR, branding and advertising. With brands reaching out globally and digital marketing gaining importance, this blog is on ‘Building your Marketplace Brand’ What is Branding? To understand this concept, let’s first define products and […]

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    Co-creation the key to boosting ‘Customer Engagement’.

    How to get customers involved with your marketplace brand through Co-creation.

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    Facebook Marketing | Promoting your Online Marketplace

    Facebook Marketing. Take advantage of paid ads and organic marketing in Facebook.

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    How To Compete With The Marketplace Giants

    Competing with marketplace giants

    So you share your Marketplace idea for restaurant aggregation to a few colleagues, and once they get the hang of it, they clarify if your building another Food Panda or an Uber eats. The same applies to all business verticals; Amazon for electronics and clothing, Uber for ride sharing and Airbnb for space rental. This […]

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    Building Trust In Your Online Marketplace To Facilitate Transactions

    Building Trust in Your Online Marketplace

    “Trust” is the crucial factor for most successful and lasting relationships. Friendships and partnerships are built upon trust. Trust has become the most treasured business commodity, without which a business cannot succeed. Online Marketplaces are no different; it requires a certain level of trust between the buyer and the seller. No one will want to […]

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    8 ways to get funding for your Online Marketplace Business

    Everyone wants to hit it big online. E-commerce is no more an alternative to buying in-store. As Shopify predicts the growth of e-commerce to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021, finding funding for your Online Marketplace is serious business. The evolution of e-commerce has opened up a lot of funding options. In this blog, we will […]

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    11 Tips To Promote Your Restaurant Business


    So you have completed all the points in the checklist to start a successful restaurant. You have chosen the perfect place, set up your delicious menu, got the government permits and found the suppliers. The only question that remains is how do you promote your restaurant business? In this blog, I will provide you with […]

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    Host a marketplace to help people find the right talent for the right job

    ‘Monotonous, tiring and under-appreciated’ are the three words one hears from people about work. People these days want flexibility with their work timings, place of work and the type of projects they choose. With many people wanting this type of flexibility a new group of people called the ‘freelancers’ are growing in number by the […]

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