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    Take your insurance business online and get the first mover advantage

    Traditional insurance models worked but until a certain period. The traditional way of doing insurance has been deemed complex and costly with the long processes of waiting for the client to choose and decide when to see the broker and once this meeting happens there is still no guarantee of a sign up. With all […]

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    Route Optimization: Changing the Delivery Landscape

    It’s a heavy day for a delivery agent, when multiple brown delivery packages pile up on his side and multiple locations appear on his screen; he wonders how he would accomplish all the tasks for the day moving hurriedly around the city with efficiency. With the speedy rise of on-demand economy, deliveries have become an […]

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    Should you worry about exclusivity when working with Juggernaut?

    Exclusivity is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. In this competitive market, exclusivity is often the front door to identity itself; in the event that it is compromised, you effectively lose identity as a distinct, unique business. The very thing that made you stand apart can be your Achilles heel, exposed for […]

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