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Are you Getting The Most Out Of Your Delivery Management Platform?

By Nammitta Dutta 13th March 2019

Today we live in the age of on-demand expectations where delays can be a major turn off. Nowadays delivery management is part of our everyday life directly or indirectly and the on-demand industry plays a vital role in its establishment. The success of an enterprise majorly depends on its efficiency and the extent to which it can please customers, realizing both of these objectives, success largely depends on deploying the right Delivery Management Software.

Good Delivery Management Software Gets The Basics Rights

The basic functionality for any good delivery management software is productivity and efficiency enhancement aimed at saving money and improving customer satisfaction. A complete delivery management suite covers everything from automating delivery dispatch, real-time alerts, uber-like tracking, optimized routes for multiple deliveries, analytics and much more.

Some Of The Basic Features Include

  1. Automated Delivery Dispatch
  2. Real-Time Tracking & Updates
  3. Route Optimization & Geofencing
  4. Online Payment Gateways & Seamless Integration
  5. Advanced Analytics

Good Delivery Management Software Doesn’t Wait For You To Assign Deliveries

Many business owners still use pen and paper and prone to error spreadsheets to manage and track records of their deliveries, moreover scheduling deliveries manually in an effective manner is a pain for the management team. For example, most of the e-commerce and courier business owners spend hours to decide the delivery boy and cater to which client, manually which becomes bulky and exhausting.

All these redundant work can be eliminated just by switching to a delivery management solution and a great deal of time can be saved every day. This helps you to automate the delivery dispatch in terms of unit, weight, and direction in which your delivery boy is going. Delivery boy receives detailed information along with route and schedule for deliveries on the mobile app

Good Delivery Management Software Is Beyond Traditional Tracking

Good delivery tracking is one essential feature in delivery management software. You cannot always call the delivery boy to know about the whereabouts of the package. Today, technology allows you to track your package in real-time. Not only this it also predicts the estimated time of arrival and the distance traveled by the delivery boy.

Delivery Management Software

Along with real-time tracking, time to time updates of the package from ‘dispatched’ to ‘on the way’ and ‘delivered’ throughout the delivery cycle are shared in real-time to give complete transparency.

Good Delivery Management Software Helps You Reduce Costing

Efficient optimization is doing the more with less while improving the efficiency of operations.Effective route optimization is how companies are improving their delivery management in the current business environment and in the near future.

Route Optimization allows fulfilling the excess of customer request by making multiple on-time deliveries in one ride, this not only saves costs but also increases the overall brand value for the company. Optimizing delivery routes contributes to the company’s success by reducing the overall distance traveled, the time taken and the cost of movement. It also helps in increasing the number of orders fulfilled in a single trip by decreasing the overall turnaround time

Good Delivery Management Software Facilitates Seamless Integration

Nowadays businesses use a lot of apps to reach the desired tab feature. While there are several stand-alone and off-the-shelf software for essential functions related to delivery management. Today’s a highly competitive business environment requires a single comprehensive suite covering all the features or seamless integrations between the various stand-alone apps.

The best delivery management software undoubtedly would be one which gives enterprises the freedom of hassle-free integration.

Good Delivery Management Software Helps You With Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Ever thought of a dashboard that helps you record the detailed information of your delivery events and generates report instantaneously in one tap? Delivery management software dashboard does this magic in a blink. You can check the number of deliveries made, the total time of deliveries, and much more to help you identify the bottleneck and make data-driven decisions. The detailed reports can also be customized as per your requirements.

Tookan is a modular, flexible and ready to use solution for the intelligent management and control of vehicles which could be employed by businesses to enable efficient and effective management of delivery process and fleets. It is a complete delivery management suite with easy-to-use and powerful admin panel and user-friendly driver app

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