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An overview of D2C trends for starting your own online cake delivery service.

By Sachin Kumar 16th July 2021

Are you still confused or thinking about how to start your own online cake delivery service? Don’t worry we are right here to help to educate you about the latest trends and happenings in the cake delivery business and will help you create your own cake delivery hyperlocal marketplace.

Almost every celebration is incomplete without cake. As cakes are the lifeline of every celebration whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other celebration every single participant in the occasion waits for the delicious piece of cake.

In the present world, bakery products or cakes are the most loved dishes that every individual likes. Alongside that, they are the bubbling energy source everyone crowds around. 

online cake delivery for birthdays, anniversary, weddings

It is a phenomenal chance to begin your own online hyperlocal cake delivery service or take your offline bakery service on the web. 

We are here to assist you with the right strides to begin your online bread shop business and make the most out of it.

Why an Online Cake Business? 

The interest in prepared items has consistently been increasing. With a quick-moving way of life and the need for effectively open food, prepared food sources have become a staple for some. An online cake business can give you admittance to a large number of families without putting resources into a tremendous bakery shop arrangement. 

Quick moving Lifestyle 

Today, most adults are occupied with their furious way of life, shuffling work, wellness, and voyaging. This doesn’t leave them with a great deal of time to cook newly flavored and delicious cakes and so forth end up being a solid substitute for online delivery services. 

smooth and simple online cake delivery service

Smooth and simple process

An online cake shop makes the whole interaction amazingly smooth and simple. Rather than tolerating orders physically in-store or by phone, you can straightforwardly acknowledge orders through your site and further start the executions of cake at your ease. When you smooth out your order requests process, you can rapidly speed up execution and deliver quicker.

Simpler to Display 

With an online store, most of the efforts of physical arrangement are not required and also a handsome amount is saved which is required in physical arrangements to showcase the items. An online store gives you the adaptability to offer item shoots and show your items in an undeniably more appealing way.

Interest For Safe and Hygienic Products 

As the interest for safe and hygienic items has expanded after the pandemic hit, individuals like to shop on the web. Along these lines, an online cake delivery store can help you acquire your client’s trust and sell all over. 

Easy to Scale 

Online marketplaces are more likely to scale than disconnected ones as you don’t have to contribute an extensive piece of your investment funds into running it. You simply need to put resources into the fixings, hardware, bundling, and transportation. The whole store is online, which saves you from the issue of store execution. 

Sell from the Convenience of Your Home 

You don’t have to buy a shop in your area or some other region, with an online store you can begin selling from your home and at last scale your business whenever required. It gives you the adaptability of preparing whenever it might suit you and running the store based on your conditions.

direct to consumer online cake delivery store setup

So let’s start with the most awaited question:

How to start your own cake delivery service?

Follow these means to effectively begin your online cake delivery business or move to the online space with your current physical bakery shop. 

Setting up an Online Cake Store 

The initial step to start selling on the web is setting up your online store. This implies you need to begin with your site or restrict yourself to a commercial center to sell your items. It would be an extraordinary thought to begin selling through online social media channels like Instagram, Facebook esteems to foster your site. In the event that you need to set up a store in minutes and urgently list your items, you can do it with Yelo. You can add catalogues, pictures, pricing, and so on. 

Numerous bakers or chefs use Instagram to sell their items. On the off chance that you are one such pastry specialist, you can use Yelo to set up your site and app and give your clients more knowledge into what you do. 

In any case, setting up an online shop store is fundamental in the event that you need to begin a cake delivery business. It is the substance of your brand and where your clients will shop. 

Rundown Products Properly 

The subsequent stage is to list your items. On the off chance that you sell different things, ensure you mark them in various classifications and show them on different pages. For, e.g., If you sell cakes, treats, bread, and give customization, guarantee that these are recorded under independent classifications. This will assist your purchasers with exploring the site. 

Every item should have its portrayal and pictures. Guarantee you click the photos of your items and don’t source them from anyplace on the web. Since the photos are the solitary wellspring of approval for your client, they can determine the business destiny on your site. 

Request Management System 

The following fundamental part of your site ought to be the request the board framework. You can introduce a request to the executives’ framework to record all approaching requests to not pass up any. This will help you stay refreshed and furthermore give you space to deal with your creation better. 

Engaging Packaging 

Then, reach out to your printer to assist you with giving modified bundling. This should incorporate the name of your brand and your online media presence. Thus, this will help your client remember your brand and come back to you again. The bundling should be suitable so the item isn’t harmed while it is being delivered. 

Solid Delivery Network 

It is fundamental to have set up a vigorous conveyance network for your business. You should search for a choice where you can have different conveyance accomplices who can assist you with conveying items hyperlocal. Yelo by Jungleworks is one such application provider that can assist you with giving conveyance for your business. Best of all, you can transport with accomplices like fatafat. Since some pastry shop items like cakes and cakes require quick conveyance to keep up with your item’s surface, this conveyance application will assist you with conveying. 

Client assistance 

With each item you convey, you will undoubtedly get positive or negative feedback. Your clients may even need support with utilizing the site. In this manner, you should put a client support system where the client can connect and explain their questions in regards to your store’s items. Clients who need to ask about explicit administrations can likewise contact you by means of this encouraging group of people. 

4 reasons why the online cake delivery market is growing rapidly.

  1. Quick Service

The most important thing which everyone seeks in an online delivery business is the time of delivery. In today’s world, no one wants to wait for hours to get their cake delivered. People have started moving towards online cake delivery services because they don’t have to physically visit the stores and most importantly the delivery time is really quick which helps people trust the industry and grow it.

  1. Customized designs of cakes

Every individual has its own taste and likings when it comes to cake. If a person physically visits a bakery to find its most likely cake there are very limited choices available and a person has no choice to choose any of them. But when it comes to online cake delivery people get plenty of opinions with a variety of designs and customized as per the requirement which best serves an individual requirement.

And the most important thing is that every individual expectation is met under one umbrella.

  1. On-time Delivery

The major aspect of an online cake delivery service is the delivery at the right time. Most people trust online delivery services just because they don’t have to hustle or worry about things getting delayed. People prefer online cake delivery services because most of the time they don’t have time to physically go to the bakery and receive or sometimes they want to surprise their loved ones in which online delivery fits in the best role.

  1.    Reasonable prices

As one can find plenty of options available in terms of design and flavors of cake, people also find different price ranges which suit the individual pocket. The best part about an online cake delivery marketplace is that they are easily available and that too at reasonable rates. Online platforms come up with time to time discounts and decent price ranges that don’t hurt the buyer’s pocket as well.

Future of online cake delivery industry

The cake industry has never lost its charm and value. Its value has been always increasing. In 2018 the market reached US$ 7.22 billion and the market esteem is projected to surpass US$ 12 Billion by 2024.

Isn’t it interesting data but guess what it’s gonna be more interesting and rising as this pandemic has given a new rise into the market by opening the door of the hyperlocal marketplace.

Last Thoughts 

The online cake delivery service business in India is booming, and in the event that you have the skill for preparing, it is an astounding opportunity to examine and connect with clients across your city. Begin today and sell those delicious cakes now!

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