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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

By Saurabh Wadhawan 7th January 2020

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

2019 was a year which laid solid foundation for all our products in Jungleworks. Tookan went on to integrate hardware options and built in conjunction with our in-house drones, Tida. Yelo came out of the hood and Tiger was born catering specifically to P2P on-demand businesses. Fugu developed a new user interface and along with its bot platform is sure to add value to its clientele. Bulbul released its first version of mobile apps, becoming one of the very few mobile-first CRMs. Flightmap is working on its own mapping infrastructure and Hippo released its native conversational apps, which we believe would be the next big thing in on-demand. With more than ever focus on AI and data analytics, Kato is adding great value to our enterprise market segment.

As the Chief Product Officer of Jungleworks, I couldn’t have been more proud of my team. However, this sense of satisfaction suddenly transforms into speculation when we start thinking about –

Whats next?”

-Our products are evolving at a great pace, but is that all we need to lead the market. A definite answer is “No

-Are we reaching out to all our prospective clients. Again the answer is “No

-Can we call ourselves truly global as of yet, “No”.

As a company, we realized, that to become truly global we first need to become extremely localized. Odd, but true.

What does that mean?

There is only a certain scale at which we can reach if we work alone, but as the great Helen Keller says “-together we can do so much”. We now understand that Partnerships are more important than ever. While we excel at building products, we need to partner with the right people having extensive market knowledge, efficient distribution channels, sales expertise and customer relationships. It is a mutually benefitting relationship in which we need to get with our partners to ensure one grows and the other one grows automatically, I call it a professional marriage of sorts.

As of today, I am actively moving in the Partnerships team at Jungleworks (while keeping every other aspect of my job role aside for a while)

I am still getting a grasp of this and together with everyone at Jungleworks Partner Network (yes, thats what we will call the clan), I hope to help everyone grow and excel at this.

Looking forward to an exciting 2020.


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