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Alcohol Home Delivery Post COVID-19: Build Your Own Alcohol Delivery App

By Saba Arif 14th May 2020

Last year, the country witnessed thousands of citizens flouting social distancing norms just to get their liquor fix. If you’ve seen the long lines outside alcohol shops over the past few days, you must be wondering if there is a better way to get access to alcohol. With the recent decision of allowing alcohol home-delivery, it seems likely that such a rush could easily be avoided.

As the Coronavirus outbreak abates to devastate the global economy, the way we access daily necessities and luxuries has been fundamentally changed. Technology-enabled alcohol delivery can help promote the responsible consumption of alcohol and can make citizens adhere to the lockdown norms more effectively.

Read on to find out more about alcohol home delivery:

alcohol home delivery

Current Scenario of Alcohol Home Delivery

  • More states across the country are increasingly considering enabling home delivery of alcohol.
  • The Maharashtra government has allowed the conditional home delivery of alcohol by licensed shop owners to permit holders under certain conditions.
  • Maharashtra has started an e-token system for the sale of alcohol in the state. 
  • The system is based on an app developed by an association of wholesalers in Pune and Nashik region. Shoppers can download it and place an order from a nearby shop, upon which they will get a time-slot to go fetch it
  • However, this will not be applicable in Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur, where the civic bodies have not allowed liquor shops to open.

To deter the large crowds, New Delhi authorities introduced a “Special Corona Fee” of 70% on top of retail alcohol prices. The challenge is to ensure a steady flow of revenue from alcohol continues. States across the country will need to reduce the load on the retail stores by encouraging home delivery. Alcohol home delivery will not only facilitate social distancing but also aid sectors decimated by the COVID-19 crisis.

Why Start Your Own Alcohol Home Delivery Business

This is the perfect time to start your own alcohol delivery business as the demand has shot through the roof since the coronavirus outbreak began. One of the best reasons to create an alcohol delivery service is to aid in social distancing and supply essential goods to citizens without compromising on any lockdown rules. 

Another reason to start your own alcohol delivery business is because of restrictions on movement that have shuttered many restaurants and pubs. As a result, people hesitated to buy outside food and drinks from outside due to fears of catching the disease.

Learn about some successful alcohol delivery startups from their founders:

How to Start Your Own Delivery Business

Alcohol Home Delivery

Now that the government has officially mandated alcohol delivery during the COVID-19 crisis, you might want to consider setting up your own delivery service to capitalize on this demand.

By giving your customers the flexibility to order alcohol online, you get to help ease the impact on retail stores and help restaurants and hotels which are currently stockpiling liquor worth over ₹3,000 crores. 

Starting up any new business can be incredibly difficult and challenging and hard work. If you aren’t sure of how to go about starting your own business, this is where we come in. With Yelo, you can set up your own alcohol delivery business in just a day.

Knowing the current demand for alcohol delivery, knowing what to expect can put you in good stead and ensure your business venture turns into a successful entity.

Creating Your Alcohol Home Delivery Business with Yelo

With Yelo, you can create a seamless online alcohol delivering experience for your customers & get ROI from your alcohol marketplace business.

  • Allow your store customers to order directly from your online alcohol ordering app & website
  • Offer a seamless online alcohol ordering experience to your customers.
  • Allowed home delivery of liquor during the coronavirus lockdown period to facilitate physical distancing.
  • Cash in on high demand for booze during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.
  • Contactless delivery
  • Get Ordering app & website with multiple integrated payment portals.


The importance of rising in the face of a crisis cannot be understated. We need to devise every strategy possible to revive the economy and come back stronger than ever before.

With your own alcohol delivery services, you get a chance to aid society in social distancing while watching your revenues go up as you deliver alcohol post the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you would like to serve the needs of the people in your area and start your own alcohol delivery service with Yelo, contact us today!

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