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Telemedicine App Development in 2021: Step-by-Step Guide

By Zeba Yasmeen 25th May 2021
Telemedicine App Development

The healthcare industry holds more relevance and gravity in today’s times than it did before. Even though there’s an inherent demand for a skilled medical workforce, it’s the accessibility that’s the need of the hour. Now, the question here is – are available doctors reachable when needed? While people are still cautious to venture out in need of medical attention, telemedicine app development companies have come to their rescue. 

In a survey conducted in January 2021, 74% of the 1700 respondents said that they are willing to use telehealth services going forward. This figure in itself speaks for the larger crowd. With a market growing stronger every passing day, investing in telemedicine app development might just be another way to expand your healthcare business.

So, how would one go about building a great telemedicine app?

Before you launch a telemedicine app, you will need an initial blueprint – a checklist of aspects you will need to factor in. Read on to know how to develop a telemedicine app.

Step 1: Know the rules

You will need to ensure that your telemedicine app is in line with the laws and regulations. A telemedicine practice will be subject to the healthcare policies pertinent to your specific location. Get thorough with your local laws and formalities you will need to execute before you can take your medical consultancy online. 

For example, in the United States, HIPAA governs the privacy and security regulations of health records in a telemedicine practice. Whereas, PIPEDA in Canada aims at regulating the same.

Ensuring regulatory compliance can help you avoid getting into any legal troubles in the future. 

Step 2: Lay down your plan of action

Once you’re done with the paperwork, it’s time to build your strategy for your telemedicine app development. Run a market analysis and find out what your competitors are offering. Try to figure out the pain points of your target users. Ask yourself the questions – What are the pressing issues in the medical consultancy space? What are the ideal solutions to the said problems? Once you know what your audience needs, you’ll be better equipped to cater to them. Familiarize yourself with the trends. Brainstorming a strategy can also help you figure out the budget your telehealth software development will need. 

Telemedicine App Development

Step 3: Choose the optimal technology stack

Telemedicine app development may be tricky if you don’t know what you’re getting into. To ensure you make the right pick, cover all bases with the features you need in your app. An ideal app will help you replicate in-clinic consultations online with effortless processes. 

You can choose telemedicine app developers to build your project from scratch, which may slacken your time-to-market. Or you can opt for a SaaS platform with features designed to fit telemedicine apps. For instance, a telehealth platform builder like Panther is armed with all the indispensable features you will need to run a successful telemedicine app!

Step 4: Broadcast

Now is the time to spread the word. Let your target users know. Find out the marketing channels they frequent the most and reach out to them. Creating an interaction at every touchpoint is essential in the initial days of your telemedicine app. Few ways to get started are below:

  • Build or update your website detailing the launching of your online medical consultancy services.
  • Stay on top of your social media handles.
  • Weave your content around topics relevant and empathetic tones.
  • Analyze the high-traffic hours or days of your target audience to push your marketing campaigns.

Top requirements in a telemedicine app

Telemedicine App Development

Mimicking an in-clinic consultation online can only be made possible with the right features and integrations. Some of the important functionalities your telemedicine app will need are:

Simple UX/UI design: Broadly speaking, patients in need of online consultation are in immediate need of medical attention. They want to interact with an interface designed to simplify connecting with a doctor. A smart telehealth app will streamline booking appointments and making payments with a UI that’s easy to navigate and explore.

Bug-free customer and health professional apps: In addition to an ergonomic UI, you will need to make sure that your apps do not have any speed bumps. The entire user journey of a patient on the app should be free of any speed bumps. Likewise, the health professional should be able to steer around in the app with no hassles. They should be able to connect and consult with their patients with a powerful communication system.

Tips to run a telemedicine app that gets the job done

Telemedicine App Development

While there are multiple telemedicine apps available for users to choose from, there are only a few that stand out. 

Run an MVP: Before you choose to launch your telemedicine app in full swing, consider running a prototype by your audience first. See how your initial offering performs at the grassroots before you invest in the full product.

Engage with your patients: Attentive customer service can go a long way in building your reputation. Encourage your patients to keep you in the loop during their recovery. Vigilance and attention to detail can help you spread positive word-of-mouth like wildfire.

Ask for feedback: Doing so can help you better your telemedicine practice for patients and medical provider(s). After each session, encourage your patients to share tips for improvements, and such. Being open to constructive criticism shows you are mindful and aim to enhance your services.

Choose Panther to build your telemedicine app today

Panther is conceived to build high-performing telemedicine apps in the market. With a solid set of features curated to fit the new age’s telehealth app, Panther has much to offer.

As a telemedicine app development solution built as SaaS, Panther is designed to fit just any medical consultancy idea. Explore Panther’s robust technology stack by visiting the homepage. You can also experience a live demo of a telehealth app built on Panther!

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