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How To Build A 15 Minute Grocery Delivery Service

By Abhishek Goel 29th July 2021


Groceries are one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and yet it’s still incredibly difficult to eat healthily. You can’t cook if you don’t have ingredients, so grocery shopping is an essential aspect of life. That doesn’t mean that it has to be a chore. It’s time-consuming and expensive, both in terms of money and time. Also, many grocery delivery services make life a lot easier. A 15-minute grocery delivery service could be the solution to your dinner dilemmas. 

In fact, millions of shoppers have become used to the world of online grocery delivery since the coronavirus outbreak erupted in March.

According to data by Brick Meets Click and ShopperKit, around 40 million Americans, or 31% of all U.S. households, used online grocery delivery or pickup in March, with 26% of those using the services for the first time. Indeed, the surge in demand for delivery services has created room for new entrants such as Weezy, Fridge No More (raises $15.4m), Gorillas (valued at $1billion), and Jokr (netted $170million).

15 minute grocery delivery

A company offering 15-minute grocery delivery rather than two-hour or next-day service could get a lot of attention from shoppers trying to make quick journeys to shop online.

According to data, for shoppers deciding whether to use an online delivery service, a variety of product brands are less important than delivery speed.

What will you learn?

Redefining grocery delivery with super fast service

In the grocery delivery game, fifteen minutes appears to be the new hour. 

The New York startup –  Fridge No More has recently closed a $15.4 million funding. 

JOKR launching in the USA and expanding its reach to seven countries, Weezy in the UK specializing in speedy grocery delivery, Gorillas in Germany, and many more brands are now stepping in the faster grocery delivery game. Companies are building on Q-commerce with the help of dark stores.

Most of these brands operate small, hyperlocal delivery-only grocery stores within a limited region to serve. Thanks to the network of micro fulfillment centers that are nestled within the neighborhood. 

Each of the brand’s micro fulfillment centers—also known as “dark stores” because they aren’t open to in-person shoppers—has between 2,000 and 3,000 different SKUs and can deliver to any place within an eight-minute e-bike ride of the hub.

Within two minutes of receiving an order, “pickers” in the stores try to have products available for riders. So, riders then pick them up and ride out on their e-bikes to deliver the order within 15 minutes of receiving it.

Each store’s delivery radius is about one mile, and it’s done by actual store personnel on a scooter or bike. Orders are placed through an iOS or Android app and are manually chosen, packed, and delivered to customers within fifteen minutes.

In addition to this, companies in India have entered the grocery delivery industry with lightning-fast deliveries. Zepto, Swiggy’s Instamart, Dunzo, Blinkit (formerly Grofers) are some of the leading companies in the faster grocery delivery business.

Advantages to the companies 

To illustrate, there is free delivery and no minimum orders in addition to the super-fast service. This helps companies to attract customers and gain more confidence in them. 

Working directly with wholesalers and producers, the company can avoid those fees by purchasing things for its fulfillment centers directly, bypassing the supermarket intermediary that is often responsible for those fees on other delivery apps.

Because dark stores (or micro fulfillment centers) do not serve in-person customers. Also, they can be stashed away in less expensive places such as basements or other strange spaces. There is no checkout to set up, and no cashiers to pay.

Another advantage of these smaller stores is that the inventory can be tailored to the specific needs of a given area or that particular neighborhood. The business does not need to stock everything; instead, it can determine which items sell the most and carry them.

Jokr grocery delivery

The Future

Indeed, investors have shown a lot of interest in the online grocery business this year. Around the world, online grocery companies are generating a lot of money. 

The pandemic, as we’ve already discussed, is a major reason for this. Afterward, users switched from in-person shopping to more contactless online grocery shopping. With online grocery sales expected to exceed $250 billion by 2025

A Different Pitch

Additionally, one aspect worth noting is how these companies are pitching this new idea. Companies like Fridge No More, have asked people not to use their fridge as groceries, which are now delivered within 15 minutes

The whole concept talks about how grocery delivery will be revolutionized and how people can ditch their fridges as day-to-day items are readily available. Moreover, these items are delivered within minutes.

What will happen to grocery shopping if these types of super-fast grocery services become popular? (at least in urban areas where a one-mile delivery radius contains a ton of business).

These brands are spreading out throughout the globe, people may start stocking up on less and just have speedy delivery on speed dial. Further, this might also lead to people preferring to order multiple items if they forgot or suddenly need something.

No Fridge Concept

How you can have your own 15-minute grocery delivery service 

It’s no surprise that online grocery businesses are booming. Last year, the pandemic drove a record number of people to purchase groceries online. Moreover, companies stepping in with such convenient options for the consumers will hopefully build more loyalty as the whole sector grows.

Hence, this would be a good moment for you to start your grocery delivery service based on the circumstances. The emerging trend in the grocery delivery market is to see how a company can make its customers’ lives easier.

Indeed, it’s your time to jump in the game and provide convenience to your community.

But how can you ace this opportunity?

We are here to help you build your 15-minute grocery delivery service!

How Jungleworks grocery suite helps in building your grocery delivery platform

Our grocery delivery suite is a perfect blend of powerful ordering, delivery, and growth tools. With our tech suite, you can deliver faster to your customers’ doorsteps and get unparalleled visibility.

Yelo is an online marketplace builder solution that enables users to create and manage their direct-to-consumer virtual market. Furthermore, it supports all types of marketplaces, such as rentals, professional services, and hyperlocal among others.

With Tookan, a delivery management software, ensure 15-minute grocery delivery to your customers with the quickest doorstep services and end-to-end fleet monitoring.

Some of the solutions offered with our tech suite to help you build a powerful grocery delivery platform –

  • Web and Native apps

Get an app that will be fully customizable and user-responsive including a native app for both ios and android for improved customer experience.

  • Customer App

Further, a customer-friendly user app that allows them to access all the features including user profile, social signups, browse products, chatbot support, real-time tracking, easy payment options, and many more.

  • Merchant App

Merchants can manage their inventory, catalog, manage customers, and more things in one go with the merchant app

  • Ordering Dashboard

Customizable dashboards include order management, inventory management, and overall access control to all the features.

  • Customizable UI/UX

Furthermore, you can design your pages according to your brand style with the thousands of theme options available and fully customizable.

  • Delivery Management

Additionally, this feature ensures on-time delivery while navigating multiple destinations including route optimization, real-time tracking, & more.

  • Multiple Integrations

Increase your grocery business efficiency with 100+ integrations and seamless experience.

  • Multiple payment gateways

This feature provides a smooth payment experience to your customers offering integrated multiple payment gateways with your websites, as per your currency and facilitating speedy payments.

  • Real-time notifications and alerts

It is a great feature to keep your customer updated about all discounts and offers, thus helping in increasing customer engagement and retention.

  • Advanced analytics

You can generate multi-customized reports of all the data as per your preferences with the advanced analytics feature of Yelo

  • Geotracking

For every grocery delivery app functionality is very important and it is a very useful feature for drivers to locate routes to ensure promised delivery time.

  • Inventory management

Efficiently and accurately manage your inventory. Never run out on products on demand – set up in a few clicks.

What value does Yelo add for the customers?

Your customers can start the journey with you in 3 easy steps:

Step1:- Browse the menu and choose the products

Step2:- The orders from the customers will be immediately collected while ensuring 15 minutes delivery

Step3:- Order ready at the comfort of the home

Doesn’t it seem like a hassle-free process for your customers?

Are you looking to acquire new customers and retain them by providing them with a seamless experience?

In conclusion, if you are planning to start with a trusted name in the market, don’t forget to connect with our experts.

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