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10 Reasons Why Doctors Should Consider Going Digital: Know Everything About Online Telemedicine

By Zeba Yasmeen 21st June 2021
Online Telemedicine

With the pandemic wreaking havoc around the world, we saw an unprecedented overburdening of healthcare systems around the world. The pandemic has forced us to stay indoors and maintain social distance. Thankfully, technology has made our lives much easier in these trying times. Everything from groceries to salon services is available to us in the comfort of our homes at the touch of a button. While our lives as we knew it has changed, it’s likely the trend of going digital is here to stay. Doctors and healthcare professionals are now going digital by opting for online telemedicine. They are offering their services online. 

Here’s a quick rundown of 10 reasons why doctors would consider going online:

1. Easy Scheduling of Appointments

Online telemedicine platforms make it easy for patients to schedule appointments with doctors. 

All it takes is choosing from the available slots that are updated in real-time. 

This also makes it easier to make changes to appointments and keep the doctor, nurses, support staff, and the customer updated about any changes to their schedules as soon as it happens. 

Notifications can help remind patients to attend their scheduled visits to minimize missed visits. 

2. Convenience is Key

A world without the technology we have today would be hard for most of us who are used to the conveniences of the Internet. 

People have gotten so used to online services for all their needs over the past year. 

It’s no surprise that patients expect consulting their doctor to be as easy as ordering food from their favorite restaurant — a click away! 

Using an online platform is convenient for both doctors and patients alike.

3. Higher Efficiency

Using an online telemedicine platform means adopting a more streamlined workflow that integrates every aspect of your job as a doctor. 

Right from scheduling appointments to monitoring patients and maintaining their health records – everything is made easier and more efficient with an online healthcare platform. All you need to know about a patient is made available to you automatically when it’s time for the appointment. 

4. Manage Data Better

We understand that being a healthcare professional involves measuring, noting down, and keeping track of a lot of important information. Health records, diagnostic reports, and prescriptions are just some of the many things that doctors have to maintain. 

Using an online telemedicine platform can help doctors spend less time worrying about the safety and access to their data as everything can be stored in a secure cloud that is designed to store sensitive data like health records. Streamlining the data management process can help you and your team be more productive. 

5. Easy Patient Monitoring

Doctors are working around the clock and are in close contact with patients putting them at high risk of contracting diseases. 

Patients can have weak immune systems that could put them at even higher risk of infections during interactions with other people. 

Doctors can minimize the number of patients they have to interact with physically by using an online telemedicine platform that facilitates easy patient monitoring through secure video calls.

6. Easier to Follow Up

Many patients end up missing follow-up appointments with their doctor because of the hassle of traveling to the hospital. This is especially true during the trying times of the pandemic when hospital visits must be kept at a minimum. 

Online platforms facilitate easy follow-ups and general consultations. 

7. Document Patient History

When a patient consults their doctor on an online platform, all of their readings and observations can be documented seamlessly on the online interface. This allows doctors to pull up information from any past visits or consultations at the click of a button. This makes documenting patient history a breeze.

8. Access Information Anywhere

Doctors are very busy people with multiple places to be and so many people to meet. 

Using an online telemedicine platform can help doctors access vital information that they need instantly at any time, anywhere. You can store your information online. Access it right from your phone or laptop even while you’re on the go! 

9. Better Use of Your Resources

Online consultation platforms are a better use of your resources. 

You can save precious time and money by reducing the number of tasks that your team has to handle. Managing appointments, keeping track of patient history, and other important tasks were handled by support staff, but now technology can do it for you! 

10. Going Digital Is The Way Forward

Hospitals and other healthcare providers are adopting telemedicine platforms faster than ever. The convenience and efficiency it offers are unparalleled. The market size of the telehealth industry is poised to grow to $194.1 billion by 2023

Healthcare providers that adopt the technology first will have the first-mover advantage and help them outperform the rest of the industry. 

Online Telemedicine

Online Telemedicine In Summary

Investing in a robust online telemedicine platform is the first and most important part of going digital as a doctor or healthcare professional. However, building such a platform from scratch can be quite daunting. It requires coding skills and a lot of investment to get it right. 

Panther can save you from reinventing the wheel and provides you with a customizable telemedicine platform for low monthly subscription fees! Panther offers everything you’d need to run a successful online telemedicine platform

  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Real-time syncing 
  • Simple user interface
  • Powerful data analytics 
  • Elegant themes
  • Easy payment integration with over 100+ partners

Building a powerful platform using Panther can give you an edge in the healthcare industry that is slowly embracing digitalization.

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