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Why Do You Need Healthcare Workforce Management Software?

By Aastha Malhotra 9th March 2021

The increasing demand for healthcare has forced organisations to adapt to the changing workforce dynamics. 

The healthcare workforce management system has gained momentum as it helps the healthcare institutions balance between providing satisfactory services to the patients and assigning the right staff for the tasks.

The Global Healthcare Workforce Management System market is expected to increase to a value of $1.78 billion, and the CAGR to reach 13.8% by the year 2026.

The healthcare workforce management system focuses on improving the productivity that is necessary to drive the healthcare sector.

From time-to-time, mobile workforce management solutions have proved to satisfy the need of various end-users like; 

  • Hospitals 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Long term care centres
  • Other healthcare institutions 

Why Do We Need a Workforce Management System In Healthcare?

Workforce Management Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Workforce management is a process with an end goal of maximising the performance levels and competency of any organisation. 

Workforce management in healthcare offers various features and automated processes in fields of: 

  • Service management
  • Performance and training management 
  • Recruiting
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling 
  • Reporting 

In the healthcare sector, overstaffing can turn out to be costly, whereas understaffing might likely make you less competitive. This is where workforce management solutions can help. They help overly staffed institutions to manage the busy working hours and assign work to the staff. It also solves the problem of understaffing by providing insights on how much manpower is required for a particular job.

WFM system has proved to be a boon for the healthcare sector by reducing human effort and scaling businesses with brilliant features. 

Workforce Management System for Different Healthcare Services

Mobile workforce software solutions are not just limited to one area of healthcare. Instead, it is spread extensively across all the areas of the healthcare industry. 

Workforce Management Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Some of the best examples of healthcare services, where workforce management is exemplary are: 

Nursing Staff 

The nursing staff is the backbone of any healthcare institution, and managing a large number of nursing staff could be overwhelming. 

Workforce management can lower the responsibilities of the authorities and chief nursing officers to schedule and manage the timings of their staff. 

Moreover, WFM undertakes tasks such as scheduling, managing breaks, assigning tasks, and meeting emergency needs. 

Hospital Management 

An effective workforce management system keeps the data updated all the time. It helps the institutions to manage the working hours of their employees. With the WFM system, authorities can improve the workflow and quantity of the workforce using features like analysis of reports and data.

Labour cost accounts for the highest cost for most hospitals and healthcare institutions. Besides managing the large size of labour, managing emergency situations and patients with mobile WFM solutions can shape your healthcare business. 

Workforce Management Solutions for Healthcare Industry

These WFM systems also have effective appointment booking software that helps hospitals manage appointments based on availability. 

In fact, emergency situations can be easily tackled when the resources are readily available and identifiable using workforce management systems. 

Collectively, the hospitals can manage the labour staff and budgeting on a single platform without much hustle. A mobile workforce management system helps in allocating the labour budgets and distribute the funds to different departments and units. 

Managing Payroll

One of the major applications of the WFM system is the effective management of staff payrolls. Based on the updated working records and hours, payment terms, payroll management becomes a breeze with mobile workforce management software. 

Manually, the calculations can be long and time-consuming. With the WFM system on-board, you can have error-free and faster payroll management.

Benefits of Using the Workforce Management System in the Healthcare Industry:

Workforce management systems give reign to frontline nursing managers or authorities to manage staff at a larger scale and make smart staffing decisions.  

Efficient workforce management software ensures seamless communication between the workforce and the authorities. 

Workforce Management Solutions for Healthcare Industry

The mobile workforce system in healthcare is all fine and dandy with features that sum up together to reduce the workforce and improve efficiency while channelising the bridge with real-time communication and cloud storage facility. 

Here are some of the benefits of using the workforce management system in the healthcare industry: 

1. Reduced Costs: 

It comes as no surprise that better management of expenses and allocation of resources can improve cost-efficiency. 

With mobile workforce management solutions, healthcare institutions can manage the demand for the services and allocate the labour and staffing patterns accordingly to optimise productivity and schedule.

2. Create Engaging Workforce

The workforce management system works efficiently to engage the workforce with complete automation. Hence, the employees become pivotal to achieve maximum ROI. 

Luckily, the mobile workforce software has various modules that allow staff to clock in and clock out, request time-off, make changes to their profile, update the availability or view their timesheets within a single mobile-based interface. 

3. Improved Patient Experience

Besides the staff, the patient is an extensive part of workforce management in healthcare. Without a way to manage your patients, workforce management would hold no purpose. 

In fact, improving patient experience is one of the top goals for healthcare providers. The deployed workforce management solution will help your business expand telehealth capabilities with features such as appointment booking, interactive chat boxes, and directing the patients to the right assistance. 

These features do not require much hassle and can be used on the go. Mobile workforce management systems are either cloud-based or on-premise, making them a more viable choice for businesses. 

The vast flexibility can contribute to a significant increase in ROI and reduced costs. 

Wrapping Up

The world is changing every second, and so is the healthcare sector. 

The dynamic nature of the healthcare industry has brought many technological advancements. However, some healthcare service providers are still unaware of the perks of having a dedicated mobile workforce management system. 

We at Jungleworks provide efficient healthcare workforce management systems to help healthcare businesses assess the workforce, manage staffing, payrolls, and schedule and book appointments. 

These solutions are compatible with the labour laws and ensure you remain compliant with them at all times. If you feel your company lacks efficiency, consider Tookan Healthcare Management Solution to streamline your projects with a demo request.

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