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Why do warehouses need a delivery management solution?

By Tannu Sharma 6th March 2020

Are you geared up enough with your warehouse operations? Does the adjoining troubles of matching the route optimization, multiple drop-offs bothers you to a great extent? If yes, then this article is a life-changing piece of advice for your warehouse business that can help you to really make a big difference in your business revenue earning potential.

Before we move ahead, let’s have a brief about what actually is delivery management software?

Delivery management software

It could be defined as a smart way to optimize your field force management with tech-oriented automation of different processes of pickup and delivery.

Connecting it with warehouse operations, it is a progressive way of streamlining your work via a proper package tracking software system. The warehouse inventory tracking software is a way to get your packages sorted and organized in a way that they could be easily tracked at the time of requirements.  

Tookan offers a strong and robust warehouse inventory tracking software that can lead to allow a channelized flow of work processes. 

What difference does a warehouse inventory tracking software make to your business?

If you are in a dilemma that whether you should invest in a delivery management solution or not for your business growth, here are some of the listed benefits that can allow you to take a progressive decision at the earliest.

Hassle-free operations via barcode scanning

It might sound familiar to many warehouse business holders that there are endless struggles of managing the operations. And when you are dealing with bulk orders, the trouble of taking care of each and every parcel ,multiplies. However, with the optimization of smart software such as Tookan, you can easily think of pulling out the perfection in one go. Wondering how it is done? Have you heard about the term barcode scanning? With the introduction of a package tracking software system, you can think about taking digital records of where you are keeping all the packages. And at the time of requirement, as per the need, you can check the details of the package via the barcode. Isn’t it a simple way to perform your operations?

Moreover, the tracking software system via barcode scanning allows you to get a real-time picture of where your packages are. From taking care of packet entry to choosing to return orders, everything is sorted at one window with the help of warehouse inventory tracking software. 

Customized the Route planning

It is not necessary that every time you need to move the packages out of the warehouse needs to be delivered at a specific place. Sometimes, you need to go for a multi-route drop-off too. However, not everyone is good at multitasking but from a business owner’s perspective, you need to be very precise with the prompt multi drop off via a single pick up. Now, the burning question arises, how you will combat this challenge? You can think of picking up Tookan as your own warehouse inventory management software that can help you to perform multiple tasks with great perfection. It allows you to get a chance to conduct a multi-route planner with multiple drop-offs. This added flexibility has an upper hand advantage to making warehouse management more efficient for you on an individual basis.

Easily Navigated Route optimization 

When you are counting the benefits of having a delivery management software, don’t forget to add the perk of optimizing the routes as per the delivery requirements. With the help of a proficient delivery tracking system, you can get real-time updates on the location of your package. This helps in tackling with unwanted situations like lost navigation, wrong route pick-up, late deliveries and many more! A simple yet effective solution that can solve your multiple travels. 

What to expect with a delivery management solution?

Get your warehouse operations sorted in one go with a powerful delivery management solution. Apart from it, here are a few of the visible perks, you can expect with it. 

Quick Acceptance to customers demand

As soon as your customers have a request, the delivery management solution will make you alert about the requirements. It allows you to swiftly assign and align for delivery and dispatch at the earliest. 

Automated invoice generation

Yes, the automation of all the tasks related to your warehouse management included the automated invoice generation too. This means your work operations are reduced to a certain level, adding more space for you to relax. 

And many more!

The moment you begin to optimize your warehouse business with a delivery management solution, you will find numerous benefits. These advantages make your customer deal, bulk orders acceptance, multi-drop offs easy and comfortable in the long run.

If you are looking forward to experiencing these perks and unleash the true potential of your warehouse business, feel free to get in touch with us and make Tookan your assistance for getting success! 

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