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UberRush Shutting down. Tookan has got you covered !

By Savita Dhawan 4th April 2018

UberRUSH, an offshoot of ridesharing giant Uber will shut down its services in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. In an email to users, the company confirmed that it has planned to end its operations by June 30, 2018. Uber launched the on-demand delivery service in the year 2014 in Manhattan.It allowed the users to hire someone to pick up a package and deliver it to another location. While it will soon be out of the business now, it never expanded its operations beyond those three cities.

There is lack of explanation why Uber is winding down the RUSH operations, it is presumed that it might have failed to achieve the critical masses for its growth in the market. The challenges of high-speed delivery services like large overhead costs might have proven a poor fit for it. More so, the lack of focus on the potential markets and the higher opportunity costs of the drivers further added to its grief.

There’s no doubt that the on-demand delivery business has expanded at a rapid pace. Instant access to messages, digital media, search engines and real-time tracking abilities has changed the customer behavior drastically. The customers now expect a quick, convenient and hassle-free experience. The on-demand deliveries are thus, driven by technology that allows businesses to fulfill customer demands immediately.

The exit of the big shark from this well-defined market has opened up doors to other delivery businesses to come into action. Digitally connected consumers today, are looking for greater convenience and a seamless experience when buying, receiving and returning the products. Tookan is one such platform that brings all these essentials at one place. It helps in streamlining all the delivery operations and saves time with intelligent dispatching. With Tookan, customers can easily request pickup & delivery service directly from the web or mobile apps. Thus, tookan is a smart and easy way to manage deliveries. Some of the features that Tookan offers are:

Delivery tracking and alerts: Tookan can get pickups & deliveries auto-assigned. The agent gets a “delivery alert” on his app instantly to accept new delivery tasks.

Notifications: It provides Real-time agent tracking on a map-based interface that helps customers to track their deliveries at various stages.

Electronic Proof of Delivery: It captures digital signatures, photos, notes, timestamp, audios, scans barcodes & geo-coordinates at delivery location and store managers can access them instantly in the dispatcher dashboard.

Route Optimization: Its smart engine picks the shortest & fastest routes helping to manage multiple deliveries with cost reduction and efficiency.

Management of deliveries: It manages and tracks the complete order fulfillment cycle from receiving orders to dispatching, from a centralized view.

Merchants who have their own fleet and want to start their on-demand services, Tookan has served a great purpose. The software helps in simplifying the delivery operations and bringing more control over the on-demand deliveries. With simple integrated field force management solution, it also helps restaurants, grocery stores, florists, chemists etc. in delivering their products and helping businesses in further building a strong connection with their consumers. In fact, every business owner in the restaurant sector strives to have a highly organized mobile application and impressive online presence so that they attract large numbers of customers in a short time span. Through Tookan, owners can take their restaurant business online with food ordering app, delivery app, and the restaurant website. It also helps in managing all aspects of online food ordering and delivery business from a single dashboard.

By using Tookan as the infrastructure for on-demand delivery, businesses can help users to save time discovering the products that they’re looking for and get them delivered within a few hours. So what are you waiting for? Checkout Tookan for free and start delivering instantly.

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