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Uber for weed: Growing Opportunity!

By Madhura Yale 7th February 2018

One of the fastest growing industries in the United States is Cannabis. The market is expected to grow to $13.3 billion by 2020 in medical cannabis alone. Meanwhile, adult recreational sales are expected to reach a whopping $11.2 billion by 2020 from 2.6 billion in 2017. Cannabis industry has become an attractive opportunity for investors due to promising revenues, expansion across states and product offerings. Uber for weed is becoming an attractive opportunity for some quick bucks

How Tech Platforms Make Life A Lot Easier to start an “Uber for Weed”?

After powering millions of deliveries — including hundreds of cannabis deliveries. It was not tough to find out that Uber for weed is a lot like delivering anything else.

Uber for weed: Ordering & Delivery App

Some of the simple steps to start an online cannabis dispensary

  • Get a license
  • Find a quality, consistent supply
  • Select an ordering system
  • Hire Drivers
  • Connect to delivery management software

Step 1: Get License

Getting a license to open an online medical cannabis dispensary is usually difficult. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on compliance. Take a look at Colorado’s Retail and Medical Marijuana License Application Process to know what your application process might look like. Make sure it is legal!

Step 2: Get Products

Sourcing a good quality cannabis and ensuring it is legally compliant is the most important aspect of starting Uber for weed. Some of the sellers grow marijuana on their own and some of them procure it and just sell it. But to get sellers to adhere to legal compliances, some of the states have made it mandatory to grow on cannabis on their own. It is not only sold in its native form but also as edible oils, dabs, and concentrates which is easier to find from wholesalers.

Step 3: Get Storefront

Get a cannabis software with app or website for your cannabis products. Create pages with menus, descriptions, add pictures and business information. Certain platforms like Yelo can help you get a fully functional cannabis app/website up and running in minutes. Update your menu items and instantly push descriptions, pricing, and images in your weed ordering website without much technical knowledge.

Step 4: Set up Delivery agents

Like most On-Demand startups, you can hire drivers or use a third party that sources drivers. In any case, drivers will need to be licensed, have a valid driver’s licenses, clean records, reliable vehicles, and up-to-date insurance to make sure that you are compliant before starting Uber for weed.

Step 5: Connect to Delivery management software

Now for the easy part. If you have selected your cannabis software for creating an ordering website, getting your deliveries into a delivery management software like Tookan, assigning to a driver, and delivering to your customer’s door is seamless.

Your customers will be treated to an unrivaled on-demand weed delivery experience including real-time tracking, continuous status updates, and easy communication with the driver.

If you’d like to learn more and start your 14-day free trial, one of us would be happy to walk you through the product. You can request a demo here.

It’s easy to see why so many Uber for weed options have cropped up. Five simple steps is an incredibly low barrier to entry for what could be a very profitable business. While starting a cannabis online dispensary may be simple, developing and maintaining a customer base is not. Like any startup, the cannabis companies that put an emphasis on quality product and great customer service will endure.

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