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Top 5 Professions that suits Conversational Marketplace in the Best Way

By Vivek Choudhary 13th January 2020

Here starts the end of another decade. Let’s all welcome 2020. With the year just starting, people have already come up with new year resolutions, new business ideas, ways to earn more money faster, and whatnot. People have started investing time and money on their plans this year. We all know that starting your own business requires big money and everyone is not able to achieve that. But today we will discuss 5 professions that are marking their presence online at an exponential rate and how they can make it into a business that can be managed on cellphones. Conversational Marketplace is like carrying your own business with you.

We have seen a lot of techs in the past times. But the tech that has received immense popularity and hype is conversational marketplace or conversational commerce. By the name, we can understand that it’s something to do with the conversation. The most popular example of this is the consulting business. The main motto of conversational marketplace is that you can access your business anywhere/anytime. Be it consulting, Counselling, online business, and more.

Here are the 5 best professions that suites the conversational marketplace in the best way.

1. Doctors:

This use case is the most popular one amongst all. People have seen good transitions after moving to this. Let’s understand this through an example. Imagine you had an appointment with your doctor but you are not present there at the moment due to some work. So what you can do is that you just need to connect with your doctor through a consultation app that is owned by your doctor. It’s beneficial for both the doctor as well as the patient. Patients save their time of visiting the clinic and they also have the flexibility of accessing their doctors from anywhere. Whereas doctors have the ease of reaching to more and more people by making their presence online. People are giving a good response to this online consultation technology.

2. Lawyers:

The importance of lawyers is as same as doctors. We all can agree on the point that only one profession can never be sufficient for the wellness of humans. Through this use case, lawyers can also increase their presence and connect to more and more people.  It also works in the same way as doctors where clients can search for the best legal advice and connect with the lawyers on the go.

3. Tutors:

Online tutoring or online classes have picked a rapid growth in the past years. Simplilearn, Udemy, Udacity and many more have taken the internet by storm. Though many people love to learn from a specific tutor of a specific subject. That tutor has a big fan base. Many students wish to study from them but they can’t due to location issues. That’s where Conversational marketplace can help them. These tutors can provide online tuition to their students and can also accept payments through the chat.

4. Dietitians:

Health is the number one priority in everyone’s life and of course, it should be. There has been a trend of gyms and it’s continuing. People are nowadays attracted to junk food as the food industry is rapidly growing. But people eventually are realizing their lousy eating pattern and are trying to improve this. With this, there is a very good opportunity for the dietitians to improve the meal plans of people. Dietitians can set up their app and website and guide people about their meal plans and advise them to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s like you are carrying your consultation business in your pocket with conversational marketplace.

5. Astrologers:

Believe it or not but almost 8 out of 10 people have belief in astrology or the field of astrology. This profession is also marking its presence in the online marketplace at a rapid speed. The biggest example of this is AstroTalk. Now astrologers can connect with more and more people online and cater to their problems or provide them with the best consultation using their app or a website. Astrology was one of those professions which were in the hype all the time but never made its presence online. But now you can. By doing this you can mark your visibility online and keep themselves updated with the trends of the market.

Wrapping Up, making your presence online is very important for you and your business in today’s markets. people still believe that going online is a tough process but it’s not true. It’s just a few clicks and boom you’re online. This 2020 give a kick start to your profession by turning it into a business and start earning the extra cash.

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